Embracing 30 and the Timeless Principles

September 18, 2014

How old are you? The man behind the counter asked me as I was requesting for a pack of cigarette (nope, I don’t smoke, I’m buying it for someone) and with a sigh I told him I’m  30 at the same time showing him my ID. I’m always hesitant whenever people asked me about my age, because it's either they gave me a “Really?” look or they make me realize that well, I’m aging! 

When I celebrated my 30th Birthday last month I was having mixed emotions because I felt like time is running out for me and I mean come on! Your 20’s is the best year and I am saying goodbye to it. The pressures of being 30 are inevitable, there is this reason that you are supposed to be married and having kids.  But the fact is, my life is just starting for me and regrets, just kept pouring in and I only comprehend it now.. Now that I’am 30, I’ve realized so many things that I hadn’t realized before so many what if's and I should have, I guess, and maybe that’s why “Life Begins at 30” so many eye openers, So embracing 30 for me is like embracing reality. 

Here are the timeless principles I learned being 30: 

1. Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. I swear I should have engraved this aphorism in my brain 10 years ago. What I’m trying to say? If you have something you know is going to make you happy, you know is going to give you a way better future, pack up and go for it. Nobody is going to fulfill your dreams for you. Stop slacking around. Time will never wait for you.

2.Work that body out – Yes, when you are 30 you felt really old. I don’t know with other people, but that is how exactly what I feel. Hahaha so, it made me realize that It’s time to get fit and healthy. Nope, I’m not saying you wait when you are 30 and decide to hit the gym. Don’t be like me really putting off the “Get Fit and healthy” task for years. The sooner you start, the better.

3.Live a purposeful life – take time to assess your goals, your dreams and how to achieve it. Segregate the long terms and the short terms. But be realistic and believe in your plans.

4.Get out of the box – you know shit happens sometimes, but you shouldn’t let those failures stagnate you. Stop blaming "The You" and conceal yourself because some people think you are no longer good or that you have no chance of redeeming the chances you have lost. Remember, no one has the power to control “The You” but yourself. So throw away those crutches that  crippled you and get out of the box!

Top: Online bought
Skirt: Rampage
Shoes: Link HERE
Bag: Link HERE
Shades: Link HERE


Hi fellow bloggers I need your help to make my blog better. So please shoot me  some of your opinions and suggestions. What do you think I should do to make this blog more interesting? What topic do you want me to post in here?

Take you so much =)

Love lots


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20 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Are you?
    Well i think the decade of 30's is the most creative and real fun period of once life :)


  2. :O You look like sixteen :3 Nice outfit :) I love your shoes!

  3. Great look Nana and even greater post! I'm a new follower of yours!

  4. Nana... I love this post because you put a little of yourself into it by admitting your fear of being older :). I didn't enjoy turning 30 but after I turned 40, I loved it... my perspective changed on so many levels...

    By the way you look incredible for being 30... keep doing what your doing, you look amazing :)

  5. You don't look like 30..u look much younger :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  6. What a gorgeous dress! You look great. Awesome tips too!


  7. I loved your post, as always great. by the way how is that even do not follow you? solved, and I follow. kisses pretty.


  8. O wow, I like your outfit *W* It's so gorgeous <3
    You look pretty!!



  10. I just discovered your blog, and as soon as I read this post I loved it! Love the way you write and your style is so wonderful. I am following your lovely blog now on GFC, maybe if you like my blog,
    you could follow me too :)
    Have a great day :)


  11. ur 30 really !! , i cannot believe it
    well i know how odd it fell when people ask about age , i am 26 myself
    u look amazing in all black , love your skirt
    Keep in touch

  12. amazing look. from head to toe!!


  13. You look nice! :)


  14. I have a feeling I will feel this way next year. You look great.

  15. such awesome look
    beauty and confident,love
    what a nice girl!

    Fashion blog

  16. Nice outfit :)
    Drop by my blog? We can follow each other via gfc and bloglovin if you want, just leave me a comment!

    sammiethestargirl.blogspot.com || Bloglovin

  17. I cant believe you're 30 Nana! You look waaaaay too young to be 30! Spill the beans on how to look young please! And you should write post like this, i love reading it <3

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  18. happy belated birthday! you look great
    who says you can't enjoy yourself in your thirties