Meoww - Beste Shop Review

August 29, 2014

Meowww! Hello lovelies today's post is all about cats! Yes, I am obsessed with Feline prints! This isn't my first cat print dress, but for certain it's one of my favorites! The subtle hint of pink makes it more catchy. Agree?

When I first saw this on 
And being an animal lover, I got hooked up by its charming prints and I also believe that everyone should wear cruelty-free clothing. Animal abuse is a big NO for me, I don't think it's good to put something on like furs that came from our furry friends. So why not wear animal prints instead of real animal skins?!

That is why I am very thankful for shops like Beste Shop for selling cute animal print clothes! They ship internationally and I'd say shipment is very fast not to mention that it is a hassle free transaction. This dress is very comfortable and perfect for a casual day out.


Dress from beste shop product link HERE
Pink shades from Eyebox product link HERE
Bag: Secosana

Don't forget to visit Beste Shop you'll find more interesting items from their shop. thank you for dropping by Don't forget to leave your thoughts and blog links.

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15 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Omg,very cute dress:) Love it:)

  2. Such a cute dress, I love cat prints too and I agree, prints not skins all the way! x
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  3. thats such a cute kitty dress u look lovely
    keep in touch

  4. I loved everything about this look! You cute bag, pretty dress and ofcourse that statement neckpiece! Adorable! :)

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  5. The cat print dress looks very cute on you Nana :) Have a great weekend :)

  6. Meoww fit in you really cute
    Feliz fin de semana desde Costa Rica.

  7. the dress is so cute!

  8. This dress is so lovely. Like you, I'm mad about feline prints, are always super cute.
    This online store was totally unknown for me, I'm going to fall in love too.


  9. Super cute xx

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyouuu :D

  10. Love this dress! I'm a cat and cat print lover. I have a segment on my blog called "kitty corner" you should check it out.

  11. You look gorgeous and cute in this cat printed dress <3

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