Blue Berry Cheesecake

May 27, 2014

I was thinking about blue berry cheesecake when I saw this dress from She InsideBut the main reason why I decided to have this dress is because of the cut out details on the back, the front part may look a little plain and simple, but that is exactly what makes this dress exceptional the symmetry between the front and the back.  It may  also be the perfect summer outfit and wouldn't you agree that Blue is such a refreshing color? It reminds me of the color of the skies and water. 

The pearl necklace brought a different twist to the entire look and same goes with my Magazine Clutcg Bag from Romwe  and the cobalt doll shoes from Zalora.

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16 Sweet Thoughts

  1. You look adorable! I love the back of the dress!


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  3. Nana... the blue color of this dress looks lovely on you and I like unique items too like this that have cut outs or something makes it special... this is sweet :)

  4. No it's not plain and boring, it's super elegant with a sexy back.
    U look fab, loved your makeup
    Would love if you drop by and follow my new blog

  5. Great outfit! I especially love the necklace. Very classy! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just followed. :)

  6. It is a very elegant dress.
    I find it to be quite unique in terms of design.
    You look gorgeous in it by the way.
    And I really like the song playing on your blog. I think that is so cool. :D

    Love from Canada

  7. Such a gorgeous look!! Loved the dress with a fabulous back!! You look adorable!! <3

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  8. pretty dress :) love those shoes and the your necklace and your hairstyle too! i love the idea of surprised sexiness at the back. ;)

  9. Looks good! I don't think I have seen it here :( nice review)
    Lovely Reay!

  10. The blue on the dress looks beautiful. Love how you styled it with the pearl collar.

    Much Love,

  11. Olá,Nana
    Um conjunto muito harmonioso.