Photo Memoir: Life is Passing

June 24, 2013

For this week’s photo memoir I decided to post something different not like the one I posted last week. Today I wanted to share my captured “Heavenly Skies” photos - I so called it.

The sky is something I always contemplate whenever I am in my solitary state. Somehow, it helps me realize the LIFE is something that should be lived wholly and not be taken for granted. How many of us had ever stop once in awhile and appreciate the things that surrounds us? I guess we are Always caught up in the labyrinth of a fast paced atmosphere that taking a Slow walk is not possible.

Life is ephemeral and we’ll never notice it. Sometimes I wish I have a magic jar where I could put all memories in it and watch it all over again when I grow old.  I don’t want to grow old having all regrets that I wasn’t able to enjoy life because I was too busy to even spare a moment for it.  I want to spare a moment to walk in a garden and smell the flowers, watch the sunset, and for once in my life jump off from a cliff and splash on the waters below it. 

I remember way back in high school when we were asked for lists down the things we wanna do before he hit 25 and 30 but me? I listed things I want to do before I die and those things I mention above are the things I really wanna do because those things are  free all it needs is TIME.

"LIFE is short, LIVE it"

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  1. lovely shots! I already followed your GFC. nice blog you have! :)

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  5. inspiring! i love posts with this kind of content. Thoughts and inner feelings. I love to read something that could give me things to learn and re-learn especially when it comes to life and family things..
    anyhoo,your photos are so amazing! :))
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  10. Great quality pictures, love them! And the last one is my favourite :)

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  11. Nice pics1
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  12. awesome photography :))

  13. Life is short and it's so important to enjoy it! Loving these photos.