Photo Memoir (June 9-15)

June 17, 2013

Nowadays we are getting more online, leaving all our candid thinking in the net forever.
When I started my first blog, the first thing that came to my mind is that I wanted to share my day by day life, not just in fashion but my daily thoughts as well. I wanted my blog to become my virtual diary. But more often life always gets me tied down that I could not blog often.

So a few weeks ago I finally came up with a solution- a project that I think is worth making and it's very stimulating; since I wanted to commemorate every good and bad thing that happened to me every day. (As years go by it will be very nice to look back at your past once in awhile and be able to see how you've done right? The memories will live on forever).

So I decided to create my new Category I called the Photo Memoirs.  Here I’ll be posting my everyday photos, those I collated from Monday- Saturday and at the end of the week (Saturday evening) I’ll be sharing it in one post.

Pictures can hold a thousand words more than anything! So it’s the best bat to start your very own virtual diary =)

How to get started:

  1.  Capture photos of your daily happening. (You can use mobile, digital camera or even your instagram photos)
  2. Tell the story behind the photo. Think of what is happening that moment, your thoughts, your feelings and where it was taken.
So here is my first week for my Photo Memoir:

Date: June 9-15

June 9 (Sunday) - Sunday is usually our bonding day with my family. Bought these new shoes. I think I am beginning to become a shoeaholic. I am hoping to own 500 pairs of shoes for this year (cross finger). Girls just cant have too many shoes I guess. I just can't resist them.

June 10 (Monday) - Captured this beautiful sunset on my way home from work. Kinda remind me that there is always a new day, a new beginning. And no matter how down you are today Life would still offer you a new day to start.  I have my dilemmas right now but I am very definite that in order for me to have a new beginning i need to end something first.

June 11 (Tuesday) - I wasn't able to capture my moment for this day. But these poem exactly define my feelings that day.

June 12 (Wednesday) - Today is holiday, the Philippines is celebrating its Independence Day. I took this chance to meet with some buyers of my online shop Vanita Sorella . I also want to take some time off from the things that is bothering me lately. Mc Donalds is one place I love to pig out it's always my comfort food whenever i get stress, sad, lonely or angry but today no amount of comfort food can comfort me.(sigh)

June 13 (Thursday) - I got this new vintage satchel bag. It's so me! I've been looking for a satchel just like this one. I am glad that I finally have one. A new bag can help me divert to new thoughts instead of slacking over negative emotions. 

June 14 (Friday) - This little pup had been my companion during my sleepless lonely nights for the past months. My sweepie never  fails to make me smile in her own simple puppy ways.  I love her and I will always love her. 

June 15 (Saturday) - a chocolate and nips coated melon ice cream perfect dessert for humid Sarturday. 

So there you have it =) I hope that you'll find this project interesting. feel free to make your own Photo Memoirs and share your links here =)


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  3. I loved this post! The idea of leaving an Internet trail is also very interesting to me. Will all our children and their children be able to google us in the future?!

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  4. Good idea about everyday photos!

  5. Wow! I can totally relate to the reason you wanted to create this blog! I also want to share my thoughts as well as my fashion and lifestyle! Taking photos and explaining what's going on will definitely help you stick to your goal =)

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