How To Become A Successful Blogger

June 04, 2013

I've been blogging for almost 2 years now and I know how tough it is to maintain a blog and it’s even tougher to draw in readers and get them to like it. With so many remarkable blogs out there it sometimes gets so intimidating that we come to think where to position our blog.  

Sometimes it gives me the twitch whenever I think that my blog wasn't that good at all, it makes me feel lost and less inspired. I spend days and even weeks to came up with a good post but to no avail.

I  love blogging and I know I just can’t give it up so during  the past months I've been assessing myself and my blogging behavior. What makes me inspired, and what makes me feel less stirred. I came up with these lists which I hope could also help you and get you motivated to keep blogging.

1. Blog what you love - Never ever force your self to blog something if you do not have the heart to blog it. Do not blog a topic simply because everybody is doing it, or simply because you need to blog something etc. etc. etc. because if you force yours self to write something you have no interest it will come out bland. what are the things that inspires you? what do you love to write? what is it in your heart that you want to share?  

2. Get Inspired and Be Creative - Our mind wheels everything. So sit back, relax and let your mind focus. You can even take a walk on parks or someplace quiet. You’ll never know what you’ll find that might jolt your creative side.We are surrounded by soo many inspiration it's up for us to find them. Don't try to stick on one topic just because everyone is writing about it. Be unique.... Be creative.

3. Stop comparing your blog - Every blog is unique and that is one thing you should consider. If there is one thing I love about blogging is the fact that  I can get inspiration from anywhere around the world. It's ok to be inspired by other blogs but the moment you keep comparing your blog with them it's the moment you will get lost. It's a fact that we sometimes question why this blogger is so successful, why this bloggers has many followers, advertisers etc. and you don't? ...... instead of mopping around, why not try to gather your self up and start doing #2?  

4. Blogging and success is a loooooong way - so try to get there one step at a time. Don't try to rush things up or you'll never enjoy the trip and the real joy of blogging.

 5. My Pictures are all Blah! - yeah I know for some bloggers especially for fashion bloggers great pictures is a must and it's kinda frustrating if we end up with not so good photos and looking at other blogs with so perfect, magazine like photos right?. But unfortunately some of us can't really afford to buy high end SLRs/ Cameras. But did you know that you can still get perfect photos even using your mobile phones? well check this out how-to-best-iphone-camera-tips-tricks . and you can always divert to photoshop and other online editors so cheer up =) and remember this:

And here's an inspirational Video I saw on You Tube... Keep Blogging =)

Hugs and Kisses 


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9 Sweet Thoughts

  1. absolutely right! everything you posted there is true! That's what I always think about :) I blog what I love^_^ Keep on inspiring others by being yourself :) Lovely post dear! ^_^

  2. Amazing tips, thank you! :D

    xx MJ

  3. Great post and tips! Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comment =)