Celine Paris Top

May 28, 2013

I’ve been dying to own a Celine Paris top. I mean it’s the new trend in the blogosphere world, a must have in every fashion blogger. When I first saw it in the blogging community I know I have to have it. I am not a fan of T-shirts but the Celine Paris Top is just too cute to ignore. It brought a new  spin on T-shirts.

It took me months before I finally have my own top. I've been hunting online shops, Thrift Stores, etc but I think it’s just too rare that I can’t find it elsewhere here in the Philippines. Though I've considered buying on international online shops, but of course, shipping cost is way too pricey. 

So imagine my joy when I saw it on one of our local Thrift store. I was on my weekend hunting spree last week when I saw a Sale signage on this thrift store. (Yeah, I’m really good in spotting sale signs) and being a weakling on shopping I allowed myself to be lured inside the store.  I headed toward the top and bottoms section since I’m planning to gorge on both. (A change of wardrobe that is, I had too many dresses already) and the first top my hand set on is this Celine Paris Top. It’s like my eyeball pop out of its socket, a dream come true. Hahaha 

so for the OOTD I decided to pair it with my sheer tutu skirt for a grunge look. The climate is still too hot to settle on pants although I'm working on that in preparation for the rainy season which I'am really praying to roll up now.  

Top: Celine Paris
Tutu Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: Valentino
Sandals: Ipanema
Owl Bracelet: Vanita Sorella

What do you think? =) Feel free to share your thoughts and blog Links 

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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Nice find dear! :)) Thrift store really is an answered to our fashion crisis :)


  2. That Celine t-shirt is so cool!

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. Beautiful t-shirt, I need one me too!

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