April 23, 2013

Yesterday my sisters and I had this photo shoot over at a friend’s house. We were blessed with a humid afternoon which I think is more consoling than having to bask under the scorching heat of the summer sun. I am the sort of person who would retreat and caved inside the house rather the trotting over summer jaunts.

I opted for an Androgynous look; I always find this kind of style as sexy right?. And recently I’m trying to experiment with different style rather than sticking to girly dresses alone.

Top: Thrifted
Clutch Bag: Valentino
Distress Denim Short: Vanita Sorella
Shades: From Thailand local stores
Fedora Hat: From Philippines Local store
Accessories: Vanita Sorella
Skull Heels: Thrifted

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Gorgeous style , lovely

    XX Luba

    70´s inspiration in my look , today on

  2. I love the look

  3. it looks so great, cool and chic! your body is wonderful and so is your outfit!

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    I'd love to keep in touch with you :)

    xoxo from Zurich

  4. I Love your style! <3
    I'Ve just added u at my GFC! can u follow me back?


  5. Love this outfit! Follow me if you want, xoxo

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  7. cool outfit! i love your shorts!