Florals on Florals

March 16, 2013

Today I'm really down with fever but i feel so guilty that i haven't blog
for quite a long time now. But i was definitely caught  up between my work,
my only business Vanita Sorella and niece's upcoming birthday. Most of the time i felt like i' am already
abusing my self, forgetting that sometimes i need to take a rest too.

Life tends to be so busy for me... But today i really took some time to give my self a little
serenity. And nothing is more peaceful than surrounding your self with beautiful things =)

Florall on florals to go with summer and nature =)

Dress: Bought Online
Shoes: Thrifted

How was your weekend?
feel free to share your thoughts and blog links.. 

A follow on follow? would love to =)

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Glad that you made some time to your own self. Beautiful dress. Following you on bloglovin' :)
    Areeba @ Aree with Umbrella

  2. Lovely dress,i love the flowers way!
    We have new post in our blog,you're are welcome! ;)

  3. I just wanted to stay connected and let you know I'm switching all of the blogs I follow to Bloglovin (If you're on Twitter, I'm sure you know why) Follow me here: Blog Lovin Account. Thanks! RIP GFC :(

  4. Hello sweetheart! You sent me a IFB-mail And I totally agree with the idea of support and follow each other! I´m already following you here, twitter and fb! Hope you follow back!


  5. NIce curves Sissy!



  6. Hi girl! that floral dress is very pretty and you look great in it! Enjoy the weather :0
    ps: hope you enjoy my latest post :)