My 3rd Liebster Award

January 01, 2013

My 3rd Liebster award for this year =) thank you Aisha of GFF Fashion such an enlightenment  to think  that before the year ends my blog grabbed an award =)

So as the Liebster's Rule I have to answer Aisha's questions and then nominate my own Favorite blog...

 1. Which celebrity inspires your style?
     * Vanessa Hudgens I really love her laid back, sophisticated, bohemian fashion. 

     * Blair Waldorf - Classic, feminine and sassy 

2. Who's your favorite designer?
  * I am a big fan of Anna Sui I really love the playfulness in her designs.
 3 . Which store do you love the most?
    * I love online shopping and i do have a few favorite one of them is Etrechick Closet where i      usually buy most of my clothes.

4. In terms of fitness routines, what do you prefer doing? (yoga, gym, pilates...etc)
* probably yoga
5. What is 1 unique feature about your blog?
   *it's a collaboration of my 2 passion - fashion and writing

6. Whats your favorite beauty and fashion magazine?
   * Japanese Magazine - Vivi Magazine. I love Japanese Fashion and not to mention I am a big fan of Model Lena Fujii

7. What's the accessory of your choice?
 * Necklaces

8. Do you like to dance? Do you take classes? Which dance?
*Not Really lol but maybe ballet 

9. Do you play a musical instrument? Which one?
* Piano

10. What do you usually do on Saturday nights?
*Just net surfing 

11. Whats the best movie all time in your opinion?
* Les Miserables, Phantom of the opera always my favorite =)

Drumroll..... My nominees are :

Beyoutiful Hope
Ponder Wonders
Style Societe
Cassie Thriftier
Back to Five
Well Living Blog
The Eccentric Manifesto
Menemonic Reveries

And the questions: =)

1.  What's one thing you love most about blogging?
2.  What is your current obsession?
3.  Who is your Style Icon?
4.  What advice would you give a fellow blogger?
5.  How will you associate blogging into your daily life?
6. What are your stress busters?
7. Which style icons of the past do you prefer? Why?
8. Do you believe in love at first sight?
9. If you were given a chance to choose a career what would you like to be doing?
10. What makes you nervous?
11. When are your happiest moment?

There you have it and oh to my nominees don't forget to send me your like. Really love to know your answers =))


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4 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Congrats on the award! Happy New Year :D


  2. AHH! thank you! AAANDDD! Vanessa hudgens- she is my girl crush!! ^_^



  3. Congratulations! Happy New Year! :)


  4. Hello Nana, it's way long overdue. I finally posted about this award. And thanks so much