Being Beautiful Amidst the Stress

December 21, 2012

Being a woman exudes multiple responsibilities, a woman can never become exclusive to one task.  One can become a career woman and at the same time a mother and a wife. Or become an office girl and a business woman at the same time. The tasks are endless and with this we sometimes tend to forget our own selves but really that shouldn't be the case a woman should never forget to take care of herself or her looks. A woman should always have time to pamper herself, relax or go shopping.  A woman should always remember to be beautiful despite the stress.

I love collecting shoes made from PVC, they are comfortable to wear  and perfect for the rainy days

Bracelet: Vanita Sorella
Shoes: MSE

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone =))

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4 Sweet Thoughts

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  2. really, it is so complicated to be a woman in today's society. haha. I guess the best thing a woman can do for herself is be beautiful! :D


  3. Well said! Yes this can be hard to pull off sometimes. Love the bag. I purchased a Michael Kors black sorta retro looking bag a few weeks ago and I love it!! My first designer bag! I think I could get use to this whole pampering concept!

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