Social Justice Week: Be Moved

November 04, 2012

Last week my sister and I attended the Social Justice week: Be moved at Fuel.Ph. The key point of this event is to further permeate awareness on both young and old about the ongoing social injustices in the world predominantly Human Trafficking.

It was a 4 days event and I am very thrilled to take part of this occasion.  

1st Night

Screening of the film "Nefarious: Merchants of Souls" it's a documentary about the quandaries of those caught in sex trafficking. (Here's the trailer of the said film)

2nd Night

Art Exhibit - featuring sketches, paintings, photography artists and local music artists. They also feature Chameleon a local organization that fights against sexual abuse on children

3rd Night
open floor- dances with the theme of social injustices

4th night
open mic - with songs and poetry being written with the theme as well.

Be the light (hope) on someone who has been sold! - is what this art is trying to say. 

you'll get this Popsicle hearts with human trafficking info in it and Be moved sticker for free

Just courage -It's all we need to make a stand against human trafficking.

I am free, you are free... they should be free. Don't you think it's time to make a stand?
If you're a person with the heart to help our brothers and sisters who have been trafficked and want to take part in making a stand against social injustices then you are most welcome to join our team Bloggers Against Social Injustice its an organization of bloggers from around the world united to make stand against social injustice. =)

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