Happy Halloween

October 26, 2012

Halloween is coming and I'm getting excited prolly because I had so much planned activities for my little niece who in her 7 yrs. of existence hasn’t experience doing a trick or treating. We both have so much fun looking for her costume to wear this coming Halloween.  She is also becoming fidgety and agitated counting and marking down the days from the calendar and asking  lots of questions about Halloween. 

So what is Halloween and how did it derived its name? The word Hallow means Holy and een literally means eve and usually refers to the night of Oct. 31 which is considered as the spookiest day of the year.

I also did a little Google exploration and hit upon these fun facts =) 

  1. Halloween has several different names: All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Hallowtide, The Feast of The Dead, All Saints Eve, El Dia De Los Muertos ( Da of the Dead)
  2. Halloween celebrations date back 2000 years ago as traditional pagan celebration
  3. The tradition of wearing a mask are intended to keep the spirits of the dead from recognizing the living.
  4. Orange and Black are the traditional colors of Halloween. Orange represents fall harvest and black represents the darkness.
  5. Black cats once believe to be a witch's subordinates protecting its master's black magic. 

here is a casual outfit you can wear on Halloween I love the skull detail of the top What do you think? =)

Shorts: Thrifted


How about you guys what are your plans this coming Halloween? Share you thoughts and blog links. Want to follow each other? Feel free to leave your comments.

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Hi!
    We celebrate El Dia De Todos Los Santos,different from Halloween.A perfect top to attract spirits!!!



  2. The SHIRT.....my oh my; how different! It's really cool and edgy. I like seeing things that I am not use to seeing and it's definitely a head turner!


  3. That is a cool shirt. Perfect for Halloween. :-)