Dainty in Pink

October 22, 2012

I am more of a dainty, sweet and romantic dresser. I love floral, laces, ruffles and everything that is girly.  That is why I super love this pink dress I am wearing.  I personally think this is a nice and perfect dress to go on a casual, romantic date with my boyfriend and the blazer is just perfect when the weather turns wintry. (Philippine weather is really unpredictable so it is better to be safe than sorry lol)

Dress: Tagged Iloilo
Blazer: TaGGed Iloilo

How about you what kind of a dresser are you? share your thoughts and your blog links. =)

Have A Happy Week =)

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12 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Really feminine and cute dress...and nice and original pictures, great :)
    Would you like to follow each other? I've just followed you :)


  2. Love your dress,cute look

  3. Your dress is super cute! <3 I love lace and floral prints as well. Whenever I go shopping with my friends they tell me to put away anything with floral on it because they know I have A LOT of it in my closet already! I think my style would be considered 'girly geek' since I like to mix geeky elements into my wardrobe. :)



  4. Wonderful idea!!
    I love the photos!!
    The chair is....just wow!!

  5. Hi Nana, what a beautiful dress and that blazer is so vibrant and you are so lovely!
    I have followed you on google connect:)
    here is my blog:


  6. this is beautiful. i love the theme!

    - T.


  7. Hey,

    I found you via IFB and wanted to let you know I followed you!! You can check out my links below - I would love a follow back!

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    Thank Again!

  8. Beautiful dress!

    I'm a travel blogger with a secret passion for fashion! Just been inspired by your pictures to add in a couple of posts on fashion!

  9. The dress is lovely!!!!!
    I like your blog.. :)

    xo TBTP blog

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