Sunday Thrifting

September 10, 2012

Nothing is more comforting than a day spent with family, after all weekends are the only times were we could bond with our kins.  So yesterday my family along with our Pomeranian pooch Zucalo decided to go on a Sunday Thrifting – an unusual bonding for most families I guess. But we find it more exciting, my mom and dad is a big fan of thrifting too so I guess we kids inherit it from them.

Sunday is the common day for “Ukay-ukay” - Ukay-ukay is the term used by Filipinos for Flea Markets it’s actually derived from the word HALUKAY which means to dig or make a mess but now a days the term is commonly used in places that sell old clothes, shoes, bags etc.  and more often ukay2x  can be found in public markets.

What my sister bought

What i bought blue shorts
Brand: Body, Mind and Soul

I love the preppy look of this short

What my mom bought

what's your favorite family bonding? How's your weekend everyone? Feel free to comment and don't forget to leave your blog links =) want to follow each other? just message me =)

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. My sisters and I always thrift shop! <3 Love the blue shorts that you got!

    XO, Mish
    PS, International giveaway on my blog!

  2. Nice bonding Donna! at least you have time spent with them... I used to thrift hopping with my mother, and for the whole family it is when sundays at home doing the laundry.. LOL!! =)

  3. AHH! sparkly6 shoes and shoes with cute things on them- we don't have shopping that looks like this in the USA! :p
    God bless,
    christine (the awwesomest BASI fam member evahh)

  4. I love thrifting!! very cool finds! I am now following

    please check out my blog as well!!

  5. I love thrifting. In fact, I am wearing a thrifted shirt right now and headed out the door to some sales. I love those first pair of shorts. Adorable!

  6. I love the shoes! Btw, i love to go to flea market with my mom sometimes. Vintage thing doesn't always out of date, but classy and it can be mixed with the modern thing :)