September 02, 2012

The "Ber" month is here and and it makes me agitated how time flies so fast. There are some moments that are ephemeral that no matter how much you wanted to preserve it, it still slips from your grasp and before you know it, it became a vague memory of the past.

Just like life pictured in monochrome where the hue seems to fade away and all you see is black and white.

I wanted to start my 'Ber' month by wearing something in black and white. Probably because these past weeks i feel like everything in my life is in black and white =)
the world doesn't always have to be colorful for you to see the beauty of it.. sometimes, we are able to see clearer the moment it becomes black and white.

Top- Lace in Peplum  - i got this top like 3 months ago but this is actually the very first time i got to wear it.
Bandage Skirt - Purchased Online
Ballet Flats - Natasha
Bag- Roberta Rossi
Accessories - Chinese Bazaar

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6 Sweet Thoughts

  1. So elegant! Love the top, it's so feminine! :)

    Giveaway on my blog:


  2. Love monochrome!
    Just came across your blog!


  3. Loving the top! :)

    Happy blogging. :)