Love for Bags

September 16, 2012

Bags are considered as a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They give an instant spark in a woman’s outfit. I am not a Bagaholic but I was deeply influenced by my grandmother and my mom who is a real lover for bags. Ever since I was a kid they’ve been collecting bags of different classes and styles.  When we were little my mom would often buy me and my sister this girly sling purse in different colors and with cute doll faces on it.

Growing up bags has become one of my favorite things to collect. I was just blessed that I am able to inherit some of my mother’s bags.  Here are some photos of my bag collections though not entirely the entire collection ‘coz some were already packed away in preparation for my closet makeover. (which I've been planning for months now.. With my growing wardrobe stuffs space have become a huge problem for me)

My LV's 

Crocodile skin corporate bag. I only used this once because i find it heavy. lol

Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag.

My favorite Roberta Rossi Bag

Renaissance hand bags made of genuine leather too.

Guess Vintage Shoulder Bag. I don't know how old this bag is but it belongs to my aunt.

Another way to ensure the condition of your bags is to wrapped it in plastic bags.

Genuine leather bags can be very tough to maintain. so here are some basic tips from I am Styl-ish. com

what do you think? =) I would love to see your bag collections too so feel free to leave your comments and blog links =) want to follow each other? 

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17 Sweet Thoughts

  1. lovely post :)
    i'm following you on bloglovin, GFC and twitter!
    my links are

    xxx :D

  2. I am a bag collector too. Never are enough ;-)

    Eirini from

  3. Yay for handbag junkies!!! I love handbags too!! Great collection!!


  4. wow! lots and lots of bags! :)
    You are followed and liked,
    Kristina xx

  5. I want all the bags!
    The Roberta Rossi being my favourite
    great post :)
    I'm not a huge bag person but this has made me want to buy them all!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

  6. those bags are to die for! really lovely bags! you're one lucky girl :)

    following you now :)

    - Gia

  7. You have such a good taste in bags, your mother too. Thank you for sharing all these information.

  8. nice collection! The Roberta Rossi is super!

  9. You've got an awesome bag collections. Thank you for the request, I followed you on twitter, facebook and bloglovin. Hope you'll follow ma back.


    Gigi @

  10. I love this entry with all the bags!

    I am a fellow friend from IFB.


  11. Great collection of bags! I don't have a collection per se, but I have my favorites. :)


  12. Ate, we really have the same thing =)
    (can I call you ate?)

    Space is my problem too!



  13. Love your Louis Vuitton bags!! Also, the polka dot metallic one is adorable! i am your newest follower and would love to follow each other!

    xo, ciara

  14. Beautiful bags, you have a nice collection!
    I will share mine, once I get back home!


  15. Wow I love your collection. So many bags!!! Every girl dream haha. Loved it


  16. It's an fabulous collection of handbags, and I would love to have few of them under my possession.