My Most Memorable Fashion Moment

August 12, 2012

One of the many things I love from IFB community is the weekly projects for bloggers. I personally think it’s a good idea given, that bloggers are able to spill out and impart not only outfit posts but also their personal opinions.  This week’s project isIFB Project #60: Share your Memorable Fashion Moment. This keep me thinking about all my fashion moments, from that very first time I wore a cocktail dress to the very first company event I attended to.  However none could really conceded as a memorable fashion moment.

My correlation to fashion developed way before I could truly understand the word “Fashion”  but if there is  one moment I could wholly consider as my most memorable fashion jiffy,  It’s when I first started fashion blogging.  You might ask why?  Well, for 2 reasons:

1.       Fashion blogging had taught me how to be more confident with myself.
2.       I have learned that it doesn’t matter what other people will say as long as you are comfortable and happy with what you are wearing. Dress to express and not to impress -this is the adage I am living with now.

Fashion blogging has opened a totally different world to me. A world that is more exciting and inspiring.

This is the very first outfit photo I captured for my fashion blog that’s why I can say that this is my most memorable fashion moment =)

the dress is actually a D.I.Y from my mom skirt =))

How about you? what is your most memorable fashion moment? show some love and leave your comment with your blog links =)

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9 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Cute dress and cute bag, I am not in love with the socks tho'.... but since its your 1st....

  2. So true! Blogging has increased my confidence, because now when I look at people next to me that are so pretty and I feel ugly I think... hey- some people out there think I am pretty. I know God looks at the heart, but I need to take care of myself and love the person God places my soul with. Also, dress to express is a greater fashion quote than any thing coco chanel ever said. I say "fashion is my artistic expression not my lust". there is a fine line though. :)

  3. Cute dress! Btw, thanks for sharing your blog on IFB. Following ya, mind following back?

    Karen, xo

  4. What a dress! Loving it

  5. great post! I've been reading the post from the IFB challenge and I think this is one of the best answers! how cool of you to share your first look!
    I've become your new follower!

    It's Gaby12004!

  6. Awesome post! I love that in blogging you get introduced to a new style and ideas on how to pair items together. It always gives me great ideas on how to style my current wardrobe. I May have never before worn socks with those kind of shoes, but now I just might!

  7. Beautiful style and photos dear! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  8. I couldn't agree more. I got into blogging to share my experience, not only about fashion but whole life as a whole. It's amazing how many people relate to the same experiences and share ideas to them.

    Thanks, by the way, for visiting and leaving a thoughtful comment in my blog. I'm following you and looking forward to your future posts :)

  9. Love this dress, and that you made it from a skirt!

    Please could you have a look at blog and follow if you like it :D