I heart You (D.I.Y Heart Shaped Cut Out Top)

August 05, 2012

I really love the idea of the heart shaped cut at the back. It's really cute, sweet and unique. =)

Things You'll Need:
 * An old shirt
* Tulle
* Scissor
* Fabric Glue ( I'am not really good at sewing)
* Oil Pastels

Cut the desired size (Just draw a heart pattern using a oil pastel)

Place the tulle on the inner part of the shirt, Secure it with fabric glue

Cut the extra tulle

For more sweetheart effect place tulle ribbons at the tail of the heart

My inspirations

Sure gonna make more of this =) and oh try to experiment with different shapes and patterns =)

So there you have it =) a very quick and easy D. I.Y  what do you think? and how's your week end everyone? =)

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