Blissful Feet: The Shoeaholic

August 26, 2012

A guy friend of mine recently asked me why I need to own so many shoes when I only have 2 feet. The question made me laugh I guess some men would never really understand why women needs to own not just 2 pairs of shoes.  Liking, buying and owning copious shoes don’t make me unique.  My shoe collection isn’t that huge yet compared to other girls/bloggers out there. My shoe obsession just started this year each day I am becoming more fascinated in owning every single style and color I guess women have the propensity to fall in love with shoes that sometimes it becomes an addiction. No one to blame shoes is cute and colorful and buying them is just stirring.

Besides, I think it’s fair enough to pamper our feet knowing that it lugs the entire human body weight. Don't you think so?=)

Here are my recent shoes collections and still counting =)) I guess i just can't get enough as they said "A woman can never have enough shoes" and "If the shoes fit buy every color"

This shoes is a b-bday gift from my sister
Brand: Centropelle

This is my b-day gift to myself, I bought it from e-bay
i am drawn to wedge lately prolly because it's too comfortable to wear.

How about you dear friends? What's your shoe story? What is your latest obsession? Want to follow each other? feel free to leave your comments and your blog links. 

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21 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I work in a shoe shop so you can imagine how full of shoes my wardrobe is! But I wouldn't have it any other way :)


  2. Fantastic post and awesome shoes!

  3. We're the same dear.. I started my shoe collection just this year, I don't know how the two pairs grew until I think 10pairs for just a few months. And now, my shoe rack is not enough to hold them.

  4. Those are gorgeous shoes! I have been thinking about doing a similar post. I am following you via Bloglovin'.

  5. BAHAHA! Donna, now what in the heck do you do with all these shoes??? :p


    1. hahaha actually i am trying to wear each one of them.. the sad part is i no longer have enough space for all these shoes =(

  6. Wow lots and cute shoes, nice blog, follow each other?

  7. Hi, your blog is amazing, you now have a new follower :P
    Heres my blog Please follow if you like what you see.

    Also if you have a Facebook please like my page


  8. I have shoes ALL OVER THE PLACE. And my boyfriend? Owns ONE PAIR OF SHOES. How is that even possible??

  9. You can never have too many shoes! Fun post.

  10. i have way too many shoes! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  11. Ah shoes! my secret obsession. I wish I had a lot.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  12. great selection you have there. i love the one before last. really nice ..Follow each other?

  13. Great shoe collectio and yes, I do agree with you if the shoes fit buy more. Shoes and diamonds are women best friends. :)


  14. I also, have way too many pairs of shoes. I guess men will never understand ! Naomi xx

  15. Very true :) I guess because shoes are a type of women's clothing that they won't ever outgrow :) I have so much shoes now! And I guess my bf gets that because he has a lot of pairs himself (and more expensive ones)! You have a great collection, love the floral wedges!

  16. Nice collection. I like the ones you got for your birthday the most. :) I found your blog through Blogaholic by the way. Followed you.

    Happy blogging. :)

  17. A girl never have enough shoes! You have an amazing selection! :D

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    See you there! :D
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    xoxo backtofive