Little Fashionista

July 23, 2012

Today I'm featuring a different fashionista (Lol) way more different from my previous features that is. After hours of insisting that i feature her on my blog, i finally gave in. Thinking that well - she amaze me with her sense of style and i think that she deserves to be featured too hahaha... To cut this mystery off I'm talking about my niece who at a tender age of 7 is already fascinated with fashion. She always wants to dress on her own, choosing her own clothes and own style.

I guess in Fashion there are no boundaries. Little fashionistas are everywhere now. Just take for instance the darling and adorable Suri Cruise. right? =)

Getting ready for the beach 

She loves wearing boots

Don't you just love seeing little fashionistas?  go ahead and share your lovely comments =) and oh don't forget to leave you blog links. i don't usually reply on comments here in my blog but instead i reply on your blog =)  have a great weak ahead every one =)


I just finish working with my D.I.Y heart shape cut top... post to share soon =)

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10 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Some outfits from her are better than some people that I know from my age (15), good post, haha I love little fashionistas, if she really likes fashion she must never give up on what she loves

  2. Nana this is a beautiful post! I LOVE it! It's so nice you did this for your niece, she's adorable! I'm loving her black & hot pink folded down high-top sneakers! Great post. Tootles!


  3. aw, that's so cute!! She IS very stylish..maybe she'll have her own fashion blog when she gets older;)

  4. adorable little sweetie~! )
    This is so nice of you to left a comment in my blog, dear~ Just join yours )
    waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)

    Nice blogging~!

    Giveway / Розыгрыш

  5. Where is this? I live in Kyushu, so that's clearly Japan... The writing, the tiling, and of course, the elementary school backpack and happi are dead give aways...

    1. Hi Kionon thanks for dropping by.. Lol yep definitely there is no place like Japan. One of my favorite country i really i could visit there someday =)... They live in Itami-Shi, Hyogo. and yeah the backpack is cute but definitely a heavy one. lol

  6. I know Itami well. I just moved from northern Kyoto prefecture and have been to Hyogo prefecture many times. The backpacks are made to last from first grade to sixth grade. They are terrible expensive, like 40,000円 (about $500 or more) so they're built very thick.

    BTW, you commented on my KOR blog, but my style blog is at I would not normally post links in comments (other people do it, but I consider it generally uncouth), but it seems people are somehow surfing to KOR first, I suppose because KI comes before KY alphabetically...

    1. yeah that's what my niece told me. she is now in her second grade. and they'd move here in the Philippines. she is still using her back pack though =).... followed your style blog. love the nice pink polo and the bow =)

  7. They are so inspirational , I love seeing them all over . I hope some of their parents start a blog for them