A Splash of Rainbow A midst the Storm

May 05, 2012

There are times in our life that we are force to face vague qualms that seems to shatter the very foundation of our strength. But let us always remember that no matter how dark and stormy our journey maybe in the end of the road God will always provide us rainbow and light. All we have to do is to keep our faith in him.

I love the color of this dress since green denotes serenity, white-calm  and yellow for happiness. It always make me think of rainbow, pastures and white clouds. =) Life is beautiful with colors that's for sure =)

I wanted a minimal look to hype up the dress so decided to just wear chunks of bohemian inspired bangles. =)
How about you dear readers what colors remind you that life is beautiful?

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. i love your look!!
    the accesories and your bag COOL!!!

  2. I Love the dress! For me i love Red and green. Red reminds me of life because it the color of blood and the power of life is in the blood.While green, reminds me of starting afresh, newness, e.t.c because green is the color of plants when they are first bloom :)...I love colors too.