Going over the edge

May 11, 2012

Standing in front of your closet full of clothes and still think you got nothing to wear? Well, think again.. There are ways we can mix and match our clothes. Besides, when it comes to fashion - There is no Rules =)

Wear Skinny Head to Toe
Wear skinny jeans and structured top like corset styled tops.
finish the long , lean look with sky-high wedge or heels.
This look could even make you look taller.

Combine Multiple Textures
Basic black is a must in every closet, but to make the monochrome
look more interesting blend fabrics, leather, lace and sequins.. just
get creative =)

Mix Different Patterns
opposite attracts - so does in every closet. =) try to mix floral, prints, plaids etc. etc.
the mishmash of prints is meant to be fun.

So there you have my dear readers remember in Fashion sky is the limit, so get creative and have fun.

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. I like the black outfit!


  2. Nice picks! I mostly love the first one!


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