Skin Cleanser Juice

April 08, 2012

My grandmother is one martinet when it comes to health and beauty. At her age of 73 you could still pass her for 50 something. Her skin is still glowing - well, aside from the fact that she is endowed with Spanish blood she strictly abides on anything that could contribute to good health and beauty. From her homemade papaya-oatmeal mask  to charcoal eye drops (i often use this one as eye cleanser since i always have an eye allergy, a little painful but believe me it totally clears your eyes so it;s all worth it)

 Here is one of my favorite inexpensive recipe.. A perfect way to clear up your skin. Why splurge on expensive products when you can have it the healthy and natural way?


3 carrots washed, top removed and lightly scraped
1 tomato washed
1/2 cup watercress or parsley
1 cucumber peeled
1 stalked broccoli, bottom stalked removed

cut all the vegetables into hopper sized pieces. bunch up the water cress. Juice.. Make 1 large glass.

Note: Use a juicer for this one not food processor or blender...

So there you have it,,,, enjoy your glass of healthy juice...  Do join or follow my blog to keep you posted with more health and beauty recipes =)

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8 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Another interesting healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi natalie thanks for dropping by. followed you thru blog lovin =)

  2. I have to ask....does it taste good? Will love to try it...i'm just scared of the taste :( * Thanks for visiting my blog* I followed you on Bloglovin a while ago so thanks for following back :)

    1. Hi dudubeauty thanks for visiting my blog. the first time you taste it will be weird and awful but eventually you'll be able to overcome it.(for the sake of clearer skin) =) you can add sugar or any flavorings you like. Though i love mine in plain. You can also chill it perfect for the summer..

  3. Oh it looks so tasty.
    COol bloG
    i have followed you on blogvin and google

    all the best

  4. Yummie! I've discovered your blog on IFB and I'm following you now on bloglovin and facebook. Hope to see you around my blog and to follow :)

    xoxo from Paris

  5. Thank you for sharing!! I need to try this :) xoxox

  6. I bet this is super refreshing! Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

    Keep posting more!