Sequence and Beads Bracelet

April 26, 2012

Here's another simple and inexpensive D.I.Y project.

Supplies Needed:
1. Beads - color of your choice (I chose mine in Pink)
    Sequence - Color of your choice
    Elastic String

1. Gather up all the materials
2.Cluster up the sequence 
3. Add 1 bead per cluster 
4. Once done with the clustering tie each end together and you're done =)

You can pair it up with your other bracelet =)

Thank you for viewing =) feel free to join or check out my other blog post....

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. So cute! ;)
    Thank you so much for visiting!

    Men Trend

  2. wow the DIY looks amazing :)

    great work and lovely blog

  3. Its a great DIY project....I like your idea of pairing it with pearls.It giving a delicate to the bracelet.