Fashion Inspiration (Romance Movie)

April 03, 2012

This post is inspired by my late night movie marathon. Usually every night i would watch my favorite movies - just my way to ease the stress. With no further ado here are some of my favorite, unforgettable movies and the wardrobes that goes with it.
Who would ever forget the love story of Jack and Rose? I have always love this movie, 

even if it brought tears to my eyes. Speaking of fashion I adore the elegant and captivating Rose Dewitt Bukater. Since Rose is a member of the upper class, she is always dressed in expensive looking wardrobes and jewelries. 

                   My Own Rose Version Look:
- White Gown - i chose white because it looks classy and elegant
- Shoes - White satin Peep toe
- Miniature Hat Hair Clip
- Pink Prague Necklace
-Vintage inspired tote
- Choose a subtle make-up 
Choose a classy Victorian inspired look

One of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies - The Notebook " Every great love, comes a great story"
Allie Hamilton's look is feminine, polished, proper and chic.

                   My Own Allie Version Look:
Look 1
- Coral Pleat Bust Skater Dress - Dorothy Perkins
- Pair it with a beige pumps
- Dark Purple wide brim hat
- Gold clutch
- Pearl Necklace

Look 2
- Choose a lace pencil cut dress -
- Pair it with A black Stiletto 
- Antique black clasp purse
- Fallon Pear Necklace
- Black vintage Hat
- a pair of black gloves
and finish the look with ultra red lipstick
Before Bella of Twilight there is Winnie of Tuck Everlasting.Winnie is the bored, adventurous lass who fell in love with the 17 yrs. old Jesse Tuck, who after he and his family drank water from a spring became immortal. Winnie must choose between being immortal and lived with his first love forever or choose to live as a mortal and not to fear death. Being born in a rich family, she is well dressed.

                   My Own WinnieVersion Look:
Look 1
- Vintage Pink dress
- Vintage Ball Ribbon necklace
- Pearl comb

Look 2
- Choose a lace layered organza blouse
- A lace skater miniskirt
- Lace-up Boots
- Fondant pink fancy hat
- And pink belt

Half goddess half human - daughter of Zeus and Leda. The face that could launch a thousand ships. her abduction by Paris led to bloodiest Trojan war. Helen is pictures as elegant, captivating and  possessed a true beauty of a goddess.

                   My Own Helen Version Look:
Look 1
- Olive Green Silk Crepe Belted Dress
- Flower garland Headband
- Gladiator sandal

Look 2
- Sleeveless dress with silk ribbon belt for a Greek effect look
- A strapped gladiator stiletto
- Gold flower headband
- A gold cuff 
- Leaf drop ear cuff earrings
- Gold Clutch

For the eyes go for the smokey effect look.

Another Nicholas Spark masterpiece - the heart wrenching story of Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan.
Jamie is pictures as the simple girl next door type, a typical good girl to be exact. 

                   My Own Jamie Version Look:
Look 1
- Light Pink chiffon dress
- Glamorous Heels

Look 2
- Miso Button Playsuit in blue
- Ankle wrapped ballet flats

Look 3
- Creme silk vintage blouse
- Mink front pleated skirt in pink
- Scalloped ballet flats

My ever favorite fashionista duo Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. I am one of those little girls consumed with Archie comics. I remember very well how i love and dream of wearing their clothes =) Betty is the sweet wholesome girl while Veronica is the spoiled rich girl.

                   My Own Betty and VeronicaVersion Look:
Look 1
- White Jacket paired with
- Toulouse striped slash tee
- Black poppy silk skirt
- Leopard dot stockings
- black silk satin pumps
- Two-toned leather tote

Look 2
- Grey jersey silk top with black leather belt
- wide leg flower printed pants paired with
- chunky slingback clogs
- lux tote

Look 3
- Turquoise gala draped tube top
- stripes pencil cut skirt
- black boots
- Large Fabric Bag

So which do you prefer? the elegant Rose of Titanic?  the sophisticated Allie of The Notebook? the girly adventurous Winnie of Tuck Everlasting? the beautiful and captivating Helen of Troy? the simple Jamie of A walk to Remember? or the quirky  fashionista duo Betty and Veronica?

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3 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Allie, for sure!! My favorite movie <3
    Amazing post, so inspiring!!
    xxxxx <3

  2. Looks like you had fun putting this together. My fav is def the TITANIC X

  3. Love the betty and veronica look!! You got it on point! xxo!!