Happy Travel to: Sampaguita Garden (Home of the Precious Moments)

April 29, 2012

The Sampaguita Garden is located in New Washington, Kalibo Philippines which is a 4 hours drive from Iloilo City. It is a 14 hectares land with a touch of Asian and a hint of European structures. I've heard a lot of amazing stories about it but i never actually had the chance to travel there, not until my recent job which required me to travel to Kalibo.

 Along with my co-workers we did a side trip to the magnificent mansion.. I am in awe with the amazing structures and collections of the Precious Moment Dolls.  It's like stepping inside the world of dolls. The Jojo Christmas Cottage itself is a huge replica of a doll house. A 3 storey doll house that is and each floor has it's own theme. But aside from the Jojo Cottage you can also check the Precious Moment Chapel,  Sam Butcher's Mansion (Sam is the creator of the place) swimming pool and a lot more.

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