Fashion Inspiration (Disney Princes)

April 04, 2012

Who is not familiar with the world of fairy tales? No one i guess..we all grow up with it one way or another. I am so giggly and excited doing this post, being a big lover of fairy princess. I watch Disney movies over and over again. As a child it's okay to mimic our favorite princess, wearing ball gowns but wearing them now will be ridiculous, i mean would you go to a cocktail party or go shopping wearing a ball gown?  =)  Is it possible to get fashion inspiration from Disney Princesses? It is indeed possible, if done the right way it would actually look good .

Readers meet the fairy tale princesses and the fashion inspiration i collaborated with it enjoy =)

Cinderella the poor girl with 2 mean sisters and stepmother. She was helped by her fairy godmother
to go a fancy ball where the Prince fell in love with her.

My Cinderella Version:

Look 1 is inspired by Cinderella's servant look. She is not allowed to wear fancy clothes, Typically her clothes
is simple and plain.

Get the look:
- White sheer belted sleeveless top
- Tan colored shorts
- white and brown sandals
- White beanie Hat

Look 2 is inspired by Cinderella running in the garden (half torn-one shoulder pink gown) when her step sisters tore the pink gown her little animal friends made for her for the ball. I recreated the scene with a half shoulder pink dress.

Get the look:
- One shoulder Bud dress
- Flower ornamented earrings (inspired by the garden)
- Pink Stiletto

Look 3 is inspired by Cinderella going to the ball where she is wearing a blue ball gown

Get the look:
- Bustier Contrast Lace
- Silver chains and ribbon necklace
- Chandelier Earrings
- Silver peep toe heels

Princess Aurora or also known as The Sleeping beauty was raised by 3 good fairies deep in the forest. She loves to socialize with animals

My Princess Aurora Version:

Look 1 is inspired by Princess Aurora roaming in the forest with her animal friends and picking berries.

Get the look:
-Tan dress inspired by Princess Aurora's dress
-Leather Gypsies Bag a fun reference to her weave basket
-Detailed Denim Pumps inspired by her blue shawl  
-Silk Headband
-Owl necklace inspired by the owl in the forest

Look 2 is inspired by Aurora's Pink dress, form fitting top and and a-line cut skirt but i made mine in pencil cut. And the different shades of pink.

Get the look:
- Beige of shoulder top
-Pink skirt
- Tri-tone braided rafia ballet flats
- Overlay lace pink clutch
- Heart locket necklace with pearls and charms in gold

Look 3 is inspired by Princess Aurora getting married and dancing with prince and since the 3 fairies are fighting over which color the dress will be, there is no exact color what the dress end up.

Get the look:
- Tie Dye Dress
- Diamond ornamented headband
- Silver ring tiara
- Two tone Suede heels (Pink and Black)
- Pink clutch

Snow white seek refuge with the 7 dwarfs to hide from her evil step mother

My Snow White Version:

Snow white's always wear the primary color, red, blue and yellow. She is a big animal lover.

Look 1

Get the look:
- Bolero Jacket in Ruby
- Royal Blue cropped bandeau top
- Silk Maxi Skirt in yellow
- Red belt
- Brown Tote
- Apple chained necklace - inspired by the poison apple
- Owl Ring
- Glitter tea post sandals

Look 2

Get the look:
- Vintage Blue blouse
- Red devil skinny pants
- Red bow headband
- White wallet clutch
- snickers in yellow

and oh! don't forget the red lips...=)

So which Disney Princess fashion do you prefer? 

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2 Sweet Thoughts

  1. This post is really cute! Nice!

    -Men Trend

  2. Nicely done! My favorite is Snow White #1.