Fashion Inspiration - The 3 Great Greek gods

April 21, 2012

Zeus, Hades and Poseidon are the 3 great gods residing at Mt. Olympus. These 3 brothers also triplets are the most powerful among Greek gods.

Zeus- is the ruler of the gods, he has a sky palace made of white marble his favorite weapon is a
lightning bolt his animal is the eagle.

For a Zeus inspired fashion choose light colors like white or beige, being the god of the sky
and earth. 

Set 1: Pleated Silk Dress in light beige -, Stiletto -, clutch, dagger collar necklace - 
Set 2: Summer love dress -, Quilted Bag -, wedge -
long chain necklace with eagle pendant -
Eye make-up -

Poseidon- Ruler of the sea and earthquake, his favorite weapon is trident. His animal the horse.

Hades god of the underworld and the dead. His animal the ram.
Set 1:  Peplum Day dress -, Fiasco Black Heels, Black ring and charm bracelet. 

Set 2: Tank top -, cruiser shorts -, Satin pumps -
 Fedora Hat -, Ram Pendant necklace -
Eye make-up- go for an extreme smokey cat-eye look and as for the lips induce to a super red lips.

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