Rainy Sunday and a Polka Dot

March 13, 2012

My weekend is pretty hectic, last Saturday afternoon i transferred to a new bedroom so i keep myself busy by designing my new lair. Saturday evening i was restless i can't sleep =)) i was too excited for morning to come because for two reason - 1) I'll be designing my very own walk-in closet and 2) Sunday is my fashion pictorial day =) (though some people just can't understand why it is vital for fashion bloggers to gather countless photographs... I'll be discussing that topic in my blog soon). Besides there is a lot of notion going inside my head, thoughts on what to post on my blog. Unfortunately, Sunday came and the weather didn't agree with my plan. So these are all the photos i got for my Sunday.

Top: Thrifted
Bandage Skirt: Bought online

Headband: Bazaar
Bag: a gift from a Mayor's sister
Vintage necklace: Bazzar
Shoes: from my Tita

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