Know your True Personal Style

April 01, 2012

Hello readers I am finally back with a new fashion tip, Since I've been very busy these past days i barely had time to take some new photos but  right now ill be sharing with all of you on how to make sure you shop what is ideally works for you. Remember to always invest on something that suits you or your money is just gonna end up with nothing.

What is your taste in clothes? Are you the Spicy, Sweet, Rich or Salty fashionista? find out here:

The Spicy Fashionista are those who live with the philosophy  "More is Better"
More jewelries, more vibrant colors and more skin. they are often the person who
obviously enjoys life, the fighter who never quits until they get what they want.

You're Spicy If:
 - You love wearing ethnic inspired clothes and jewelries
- You love deep hues like orange, red, and burgundy
- Ultra hot and sexy clothes is your must have
- A bag with ethnic flavor, heels with dangly stones, wild sparkly belt
chunky bangles is a must-have

The Salty Fashionista are a little edgy and rebellious. They often defies fashion rules.

Your Salty If:

- you prefer boots than stilettos
- You determine to make trends, and not follow trends
- You often wear mismatch fashion
- studded bag, leather wrist cuff, punky belt, cowboy boots is a must have
Remember Cher of Clueless? Elle woods of Legally Blond?
Those girls best describe the Rich Fashionista. They are often drawn to luxurious gems and clothes
All eyes often fell on them.

Your  Rich if:

- You dress to take your pet for a walk
- you covet designer clothes
- You rather buy pricey items
- jewel encrusted heels, diamond earrings, a tasteful logo bag is a must have

The Sweet Fashionista - Good grooming, classic, lace and pearls are your hallmarks
You wear only feminine clothes, delicate tops and flirty dresses. In other words you're 'LadyLike"

Your Sweet If:

- People often tag you as girly-girl
- You love empire and sun dresses
- Ultra girly platform shoes, Lacey bags, pearls and ribbons
florals on jewelries is a must have

But keep in mind fashion is something you grow into. Experiment, be patient then wear what you feel best for you, wear something that makes you happy. Trends are never design for everyone so don't force yourself  if it doesn't feel right for you. Learn to find your own personal style.  =)

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