Dolly's Dress

March 16, 2012

Way back when i was a kid  i used to have a favorite doll i called "Dolly" and this dress resembles the same dress that she is wearing, the color and even the cut itself. I vividly remember wishing that i could be a doll myself i am always enthralled with how beautiful they look. (especially those expensive porcelain dolls) I never had one because it's way too expensive for little girls to play with. But, wearing this dress i feel like a doll myself =)

how i acquire this vintage doll dress?

I've been looking for a Dorothy Perkins dress, i really love the vintage, classy and elegant style of Dorothy Perkins. But i found this dress instead and i was so giggly when i tried it on.  I have to buy it and i am glad i did. because my mom and grandmother loved it too. =)

I decided to incorporate it with my vintage clutch wallet, favorite thrifted find vintage shoes
white stockings and a touch of pink bow hair clip

I love the vintage details at the edge.

How about you? what do you wish/dream about when you were a kid? =)

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