My Love Affair w/ Forever21

2:05 PM

Annoyingly, I’ve been procrastinating these past weeks and blame myself for being unproductive hahaha this is one of the things so I’ve set aside. Only yesterday my best friend and I went to check on Forever 21 store since they are having a mega sale at 50% off wew! Guilty Pleasures activated!

I’ve always been verbal about my fondness for forever 21. It’s always been a favorite brand. How my love affair with forever 21 started could be traced back when I was just 14 and in the form of a red polka dot sundress - my first ever Forever 21 owned dress. Since then my fascination for the brand grew year after year after year. 

I cannot justify why I am fascinated with it, but perhaps it’s because of the way it encourages people to create their own style and not be afraid to be different.

That is why I was so ecstatic that it finally opened a branch in our hometown. 
And here's a fact - Forever 21 and I were born in the same year and it used to be called Fashion 21.
I'm wearing a Forever 21 Top and Denim skirt. I'm into patches lately so the skirt is a perfect bait for my obsession.
Top and Skirt : Forever 21
Shoes: Fila Tiva

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