Dinner Buffet @ The Promenade

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I love ending my week with good food and good company and last Friday I met with some fellow bloggers over dinner at The Promenade at Days Hotel Iloilo  a festive dinner buffet with fireworks display and for only Php 695 it's worth the price. You can gorge from a broad variety of foods from appetizers to meal course to desserts. Of course the sushi plate and the dessert table was my favorite ☺☺☺

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Making Memories: Nobu Hotel

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It was during the grand launched of Vivo Philippines that I got hyped with one of Manila's top Lavish Hotel The Nobu Hotel . Vivo was generous enough to house media and bloggers in Nobu Hotel wherein it's one of the luxurious 3 hotels of City Of dreams. Not to mention that we get to enjoy the 452 sq. ft. bedroom to ourselves Yay!  

I was in total awe the minute I walked in the Nobu Premier bedroom. The room itself is large and spacious it has two different large windows that claim a panoramic view of the city of dream’s gardens and swimming pools. 

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StyleWe Jumpsuit Wishlist

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Today we are gonna talk about jumpsuits/rompers you know that garment where trousers/shorts and top is incorporated as one.
 One thing why I love wearing jumpsuits is that they are quick and easy like a dress, but you can still do active stuffs without the worry of flashing your inner garments. 
Now that summer is coming soon jumpsuits is one of the most comfortable wardrobe to wear on summer and here are my jumpsuits for women wishlist from StyleWe

Three-piece Apricot Plain H-line Casual Crew Neck Jumpsuit

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Saving Sally

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“We All Have Sally’s to save but all I can say is to be true to yourself and think of a time to really discover yourself” Saving Sally Star Rhian Ramos quoted.
At it’s very heart, Saving sally is a simple story about love and never ever giving up not to mention it’s also a story about unrequited love. The movie was told in a unique way that combines live action and vivid kaleidoscope-colored animation. 
Photo Credit by ArtJuana

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Megaworld Opens Festive Walk Parade

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Megaworld, the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships, launched the first phase of the Festive Walk Parade yesterday in the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park township in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
 At 1.1 km long and divided into four phases, the Festive Walk Parade is considered as Western Visayas’ longest retail and dining strip. It will showcase local and legendary Ilonggo restaurants as well as international brands.
With the opening of the first phase of the Festive Walk Parade this Christmas season, Ilonggos will get a taste of the experience that a Megaworld Lifestyle Mall offers. The line of retail shops and restaurants fronting wide arcades, surrounded by beautifully landscaped walkways, makes a stroll along the entire stretch of the Iloilo Festive Walk a truly captivating experience,” says Kevin L. Tan, senior vice president and head, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. 

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My Bali Experience @ Spa Riviera

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Millenials like us love to push ourselves even to the point that is beyond our body’s limit, we like to be labeled as the overachievers but if our body could bawl it  would certainly give out a foul cry 
All these pushing  drain us physically, emotionally, mentally and whenever this happens to me, I felt like my world just abruptly stop, in other word I am so unproductive.
Thanks to the antediluvian cultures  who believed in the magical benefits of massage therapy, hence introduced and passed it from generations to generations. 

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Brillante Mendoza’s Ma’ Rosa will be shown in Iloilo

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SM City Iloilowill launch the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival (BMFF),which will feature the International Award-Winning Film- MaRosa this coming December 15, 2016, 4 pm, at SM City Iloilo Northpoint. It will be followed by a film screening of Ma’ Rosa on December 16, 2016 at SM Iloilo Cinema 6 and 7, 8 am.

The film is about ROSA, who owns a small community convenient store connected to their home in the slums of Metropolitan Manila. Together with her husband, NESTOR, they use their convenient store as cover-up for selling illegal narcotic, Methamphetamines. Their fate changes when their neighbor sets them up for a police raid leading to the couple’s arrest - a ploy for extortion. Backed against the wall, Rosa seeks help from her children, JACKSON, RAQUEL, and KERWIN as they do the daunting task to buy their parent’s freedom.

“The idea of this film came up four years ago when I became indirectly involved with the said incident. It captures my interest to tell this story because it shows a unique but also disturbing characteristic of a common Filipino family. That when a family member is backed against the wall for the wrong doings that he or she made, you will do everything to keep them out of trouble even if it means violating basic virtuous. In a society where survival of the fittest is a fact that we have to live with, family becomes amoral,” says Mendoza.

Ma’ Rosa is one of the films that competed in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It garnered the Best Actress award for Jaclyn Jose and Best Director for the 54th Gijon Film Festival. The fans of Brillante Mendoza will have a chance to meet and greet with the renowned Director. They will also have a chance to ask him about his latest film.

Brillante Ma. Mendoza started as a production designer in various films and television advertisements. His debut film, Masahista (The Masseur) won the Golden Leopard Award at the 2005 Locarno International Film Festival, and paved the way for the rise of alternative cinema in the Philippines.
In 2005, he founded Center Stage Productions (CSP), an independent film production company. Mendoza continues to make films and documentaries that depict the lives of the Filipinos and the marginalized sectors of society, cultivating an audience for alternative cinema in the Philippines. His films are shown in different schools all over the country. Brillante Mendoza is the first Filipino director to be honored by France with the title Chevalier dansl’Ordre des Arts etLettres.

For more information of the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival, you may contact Mr. Troy Camarista, Public Relations Manager of SM City Iloilo, at 320 9609 local 128.

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My BeautyMNL Experience

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I’ve never worn make up that much, but I do have makeup products I can’t live without, such as eyebrows, blusher, lip tint and BB creams because I do like to look nice sometimes hahaha but here’s  something we can agree on - make up collecting can be errrr  an expensive leisure pursuit especially if you have sworn to devote thy self  to high street and luxury make up brands but if you’re someone like me who isn’t like to pay full price for anything the you might like my new found beauty destination  that will unquestionably make your wallet smile. I'm talking about www.beautymnl.com this beauty depot have partnered with make up mavens, skincare savants, hair authorities and other beauty magicians so to provide beauty junkies only the best.. but.... affordable make up and other beauty products. 

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Bistro Ocean City

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A dinner trip to Sm Southpoint is one of my preferred activities to break up the monotony of everyday life, simply because a trip there means experiencing another euphoric sensation…. caused by comfort foods that is.

One of my personal favorites is a Bistro Ocean City, albeit it’s not new to the Ilonggos this restaurant has been one of the  much loved seafood restaurant since its opening in 1992. They have the best crispy tadyang, chicken galantina and baked oyster  that it will make you want to dance. 

Together with my fellow bloggers we had a night of gastronomic dinner. “Apart from the usual Filipino and Chinese Cuisine we’ve added new Western Dishes we now have salad, pasta and pizza. As you can see the place itself is different from our first branch in Gen. Luna” stated by the owner Mr. Ernesto Borromeo.

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas

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Our being busy shouldn’t be an excuse that we neglected to buy our love ones  gifts  this Christmas season  after all this happens only once a year right? And it is during this time that shopping destinations are jam packed with people good thing though that online shopping exist hahaha

The country’s largest online one-stop shopping and selling destination, www.lazada.com.ph  is set to culminate its Online Revolution campaign with a bang with itsGrand Christmas Sale, which is slated to happen this December 7-12.

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Thankful For You

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In life we often caught ourselves in a never ending cycle that we barely have time to even stop to smell the flower, or gaze upon the skies and be grateful for it all. Frequently, we get wedged up in our daily routines and find ourselves complaining  more than giving thanks and ignoring what is more important to us.  

I myself is a victim of these cycle, nothing is more imperative  to me than getting my daily groove. Career always comes first . Success comes with a high price that will leave you no choice but to pay, It’s like drinking honey in a cup made of thorns. What I'm really saying is as my career is escalating, other aspects of my life are declining. You see it’s not all sunshine for me, true that I get to enjoy the perks of my work. And the price I have to compensate for these? It’s at a much higher cost. 

My life will always be about choices and career will always be my priority. It’s like I am being magnetized back to it. 
But things have changed, though when I lost my father to brain cancer. A father is always a daughter's first love and losing him is really painful. Anyone who lost a parent knows that a death of a father or a mother understand the gravity of the misery and how the death of a love one is life altering.

When my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I was dumbfounded because it wasn't what I expected to hear from his Doctor. The news catapulted me into a sorrowful state. I was psychologically un-moored, I am not prepared. I refuse to believe that sooner or later he will leave us.  I have kept the hope inside of me - the hope for a miracle. 

They allege that the sooner you accept the truth the easier it is to let go, but trust me if you are very close with someone, if you love and care for someone so much you will do everything to refrain yourself from believing and forgetting. No matter how strong the threat of oblivion is and no matter how obscure the situation maybe, you will yet continue to cling to that one hope amid the sorrow. I'm not going to lie by stating that everything was easy for it never was, keeping your hope and faith fervent is never easy, especially if the person you once see as brawny is slowly turning into a stunted soul, wherein his gaunt face and pain is a manifestation that death will shortly take its toll. 

And when death and setbacks occur, you'll suddenly find yourself questioning “Did I spend enough time with my father while he is still alive?” and you would start to unlock every memory, hoping to find something to enlighten your guilty soul but believe me the truth will slap you hard on the face. 

I may never be able to sit down and have coffee with my father anymore, but his death propelled  the truth that Life shouldn’t be emaciated  and center on career alone. There is so much more to life than our profession and we should learn to appreciate and celebrate our blessings everyday.

Let this season  be an opportunity to spend time with your families and love ones. But if you were still thinking what  better way to spend your  time with them.  How about this Christmas let your loved taste the Filipino Christmas through Johann’s Blendpresso specials Puto Bumbong and Queso De Bola coffee-based flavored drinks. Gather them up, share stories and bring back good old memories and make new ones.

Check Johann's Blendpresso Facebook Page Here :https://www.facebook.com/JohannCoffeeAndBeverages/



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Vivo V5: The Perfect Selfie

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Vivo, the top 5 global smartphone manufacturer, today revealed its secret to perfect selfies last November 23, 2016 with the launch of the Vivo V5 smartphone
The Vivo V5 smartphone boasts Perfect Selfie capabilities with its high-quality front-facing camera, fast performance, and upgraded features that ensure great experiences for its users. 
Me and Writer Valerie Caulin taking a selfie with the new Vivo V5

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Onecklace: A Signature Piece

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For 3 years, it’s been a tradition that at the end of the year I have to have something that has a significant representation of my whole year in general. Let's say it's a Christmas gift to myself. And for 3 years www.onecklace.comhas been  my source when it comes to personalized jewelries. 
I find personalized jewelries a seamless gift to self or perhaps to friends or loved ones. Honestly, everybody loves to don on signature pieces that exhibit their individuality. Everyone desires to feel special  and besides it carries more meaning than any gifts at all. Agree?

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