SM Southpoint: Foodie's Haven

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The opening of SM City Iloilo Southpoint last November 11, 2016 is one solid proof that Ilonggo’s are the ultimate foodies. I myself could testify to that, being an Ilongga I always find myself hogging for food. 
And  through the years numerous restaurants in Iloilo sprouted here and there.

Mr. Han Sy son of Chinese-Filipino Business Magnage Henry Sy  quoted “ SM Southpoint will be the place where people will spend the night away with family and friends,  a place will people will meet and have fun”
Iloilo Bloggers with SM PR Manager Troy Camarista

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My Zaful & Nastydress Haul

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I’d thought I’d put together a little post of my online mini haul. Yes, I do love to shop online and I’ve always been candid about that. 
Recently, I got these swim wears from and I know Summer is still far, but I needed a few pieces in my closet that screams summer hahaha Kidding, but seriously winter isn’t an excuse not to shop for summer essentials in fact it is the best point in time to shop for it ‘because everything is on sale!

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Why I Love to Shop at Lazada

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I don’t exactly when I ever started shopping with Lazada but I’ve always been a certified shopper there. From my baking tools (yes, I do Bake), to power banks, Cell Phone Casings, Bedsheets, beauty products I mostly procure it there hahaha 

If you ask me why I love to shop at Lazada? I can give you many reasons, but one reason is because of these 3 advantages

 1. It's FREE Delivery - Save yourself from the hassle of delivery cost because with Lazada - No Extra cost at all
2. Cash on Delivery - No need to worry about having no credit cards or doing a bank to bank transfer, because with Lazada you can pay cash upon delivery.
3. NO Sign Up required to Purchase  - I know some people just hate signing up hahaha and Lazada understands that, although it's really an advantage to sign up so that on your next purchase  you don't have to fill up your shipping details anymore and to stay updated with the latest Lazada deal.

And here the proofs that I do shop at Lazada hahaha wish I could share everything but i don't want to flood this post with photos
A few months ago I was dying to find a cell phone protector case for my Sony Xperia xa but unfortunately it was newly launched and I couldn't find one. So I checked with Lazada and was so giddy to find so many adorable casings.
I'm a sucker for cute stuffs and this powerbank says it all. Isn't this buddy a cutie? :D 
My sister and I we love to create our own coffee flavors and this nescafe red mug is the ideal choice. It comes with coffee recipes too.
Lazada is not just about gadgets they have beauty stuffs too. I got this "The Balm" and "loreal Liptsick" from them
And my latest purchase is this 10 x Beauty Toothbrush Shaped Foundation Power Makeup Oval Puff Brushes

I also bought from Lazada a giant cupcake molder, Electric Mixer, Icing and Fondant design tools and Bed sheets. Wasn't able to take a picture of it though.

By the way in case you guys are wondering how to make a purchase without signing up. here's the steps:

  1. Choose the product you want and proceed to checkout
  2. At Email Login step, enter your email address and choose "Continue without password" 
  3. Enter your delivery information and choose your payment method
  4. Place your order
For  more details on how to order you can check:
Happy shopping =)

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Lace on Lace x Zaful Review

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A crochet lace twin-set  is probably less essential comparing to an LBD but no denying that crochet laces are more desirable that it’s hard to ignore. Although it’s true, I’m a bit shy wearing bracelets and crop tops, but seeing this pair at was love at first sight. We'll I guess there's nothing wrong about making bold moves sometimes.

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Lazada: Pinoy Cyber sale

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The Philippine's biggest E-commerce event - Pinoy Cyber Sale kicks off today until November 28, 2016! See as Lazada gives you up to 95% off on selected items. Crazy!.... I Know! but this for day craze is the most exciting online deals! besides Christmas is coming so find your friends and love ones the perfect Christmas Gifts.

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Educational app brings Filipinos a step closer to their dreams

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[17 NOV 2016] For Danica Rose Garay, shifting careers from teaching to being a doctor is not easy. For one, she has to take and pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT), and she doesn’t have the luxury of time to enroll in a review center as it tend to be expensive. Self-study is her only viable option.
Zookal was like manna from heaven for Danica Rose. With Zookal’s help, she is now reviewing for free for her upcoming NMAT exam.

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The Barn Breakfast Bistro

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The restaurant won’t be called The Barn for nothing, it’s cozy barn like interiors  boast a balmy and comforting ambiance  with breakfast that is so good you’ll likely find yourself to wake up early and caught up to stay in the place for hours.  

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Lazada Box of Joy x Beauty Fanatic Week

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Lazada's box of joy is a proof that is not only just an online store for electronics but also a destination for shoppers interested in buying lifestyle items and groceries. And we, the attendees of the recently the Affiliate Roadshows were given the Box of Joy.
 Each Box of Joy contains a variety of products such as shampoo, toothpaste, facial cream and lotion all sponsored by Lazada’s brand partners. Imagine my excitement when I opened the box of joy and find assortments of beauty products, I can't even put it into words hahaha.

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Monochrome x NastyDress Review

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Black is always my choice of color when it comes to outfits. I suppose it’s probably because as I aged I am also adopting the minimalist precept to fashion. If I get to create my own capsule wardrobe a monochrome fad is probably my #1 choice of style . 
As they say "You can never go wrong with black and white"

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Lazada launches 11.11 with more than 1M deals!

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The biggest online shopping event in Southeast Asia kicks off on November 11, 2016 with the participation of more than 12,500 local and international brands and 6,000 merchants. This month-long shopping event is Lazada’s fifth OnlineRevolution since its launch in 2012.

This year’s theme is ‘Brands for All,’ putting customers’ favorite brands in the spotlight. Customers can expect jaw-dropping, well-curated offers, and exclusive launches of branded items.

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H&M To Open In Iloilo City

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H&M Hennes & Mauritz, Inc. continues its fast growth in the country, as it opens its first store in Iloilo this month! Opening to an exciting set of new shoppers in the fast-developing city of Iloilo, the over 1,800-square meter store will open its doors in SM City on November 17.
 “2016 has been an amazing year so far! Our stores in Cagayan de Oro and Davao have been welcomed with so much enthusiasm, and we are eager to reach out to more shoppers outside of the capital with our latest venture into SM City, Iloilo. With the opening of our 19th store in the Philippines, we continue to strive to become the country’s destination for fashion and quality at the best price, in a sustainable way,” says Fredrik Famm, Country Manager for South East Asia. 

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The Greenwich Aralkada Program in Iloilo

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Aralkada is the country’s favorite pizza and pasta chain’s initiative together with Jollibee Group Foundation that engages the youth to develop innovative solutions to public education challenges, harnessing the spirit of barkadahan for positive action.

Through Aralkada, Greenwich hopes to inspire and engage the youth (18 to 35 years old) to develop innovative solutions to public education challenges. As Greenwich continuously talks about fostering sharing and bonding, Aralkada aims to be an avenue for that through a more meaningful approach.

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Prom Is Coming

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Few More months and the magical Day “The Prom” will be here. Prom is a very momentous For every teenage girl; more and more girls want to look stylish and unique on That most important event of the year.  But prom dresses doesn't have to cost a fortune Just to look modish. Luckily for today's generation  they can finally buy cheap prom dresses and prom shoes and in the comfort of their own home. 

My first prom wasn't that amazing as you would think it was, you would say that my prom dress isn't what you would consider a "Prom Gown" hahaha It even took me and my mom months to look for a cheap prom dress because we both doesn't want to splurge on too expensive dress, I recall having to look for a bargain dress searching racks and even ask friends if they have something proper that I could wear for my prom night. 

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A Writer Needs To Write

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“You know I really miss doing free writing, the thing that I use to do”  I blurted to my boyfriend yesterday as I am so desperate  to come up with a new blog post. “But you’re writing” he said “ No, not that kind of writing. The stream of consciousness writing kind, but my mind is so cluttered I can’t even come up with a title” 

Writers block is a common thing to me recently. In fact, it’s too mainstream that I’m starting to question if I’m already missing the figment of my imagination. Words used to flow freely, but now It seems I have to dig deeper, although to be mentally block is inevitable and every writer struggles with it.  Still, it’s so frustrating when you felt you no longer have creative frame left in your body.   

Just this morning I woke up late.. As usual.. And frenetically made myself some hot coffee.. Too hot that it scald my taste buds. The burning sensation woke up my entire body cells, but my brain cells still remain a mute. I headed to the shower instead, to let my coffee cool off a bit.   

The droning sound of the water as it splashes my body seems to rhythmized with my current state. I just wish that the cold water would purge whatever that is making my brain black out or perhaps I might find an answer to the conundrum that is plaguing me

20 minutes to 10 and I am so late for work, I rush out of the shower room and grab a dress at random  from the closet.  That’s why I always love the dresses they are the perfect solution to a crisis. (E.g. late for work) I grabbed my bag and headed out to the door, forgetting about the coffee and later blame it to my stressed mind.

While crossing the street a gust of wind flung right through my face  and it smells like Christmas. And Inside my head I was like “ Time is fleeting, it felt like yesterday when I first started blogging and in a few days from now my blog is going to turn 4 years old" and here I am thinking what went wrong.

Perchance, the fruit-floral, sweet scent of the woman’s sitting next to me is so strong that it tickles my nostrils and stimulate the fibers of my brain. Little by little I collected fragments of words  and here I am acing up my sleeve. After 4 months I am finally doing a stream of consciousness type of post.

This made me see that the sole means to stamp down a writer's block isn’t to self pity and wait when inspiration would drop by but you have to overcome writer's block by writing. Start somewhere, type anything and don’t let the moment paralyzed you. Just start..

Because writers need to write 

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StyleWE Coats Wishlists

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November is totally about getting cozy and if you are someone who doesn't wish to put on jackets and prefer the hip and cool look then you should opt with coats Then what is a coat? it’s actually a utilitarian garment  since it can be worn with almost anything. It is usually worn by sassy chics, but now it has become more popular and trending in the fashion runway.  True enough, there is no denying the  fact that coats are making its way in today’s world since it's breakthrough.
StyleWe on the other hand has been selling stylish and cute women coats for the past years and below are just some of my top favorite coats from their shop.

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ill City: The City That Made Me

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Independent local brand Ill City Clothing has recently launched their 3 new Shirt designs epitomizing the fascination for power, strength and Insignia. The 2 designs namely: Elite & Royalty fueled the thought  that embracing your uniqueness is power and true strength while the other design Treinta Y Tres symbolizes the local area code of Iloilo City (033), given their clothing tag line is "The City that Made Me" 
I feel honored to be chosen to represent it  since this is also my first time to present a local clothing brand that came from the city where  I was born and brought up.  

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Walking Water Ball

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I know everyone is familiar with the water walking ball, that huge inflatable  bubble that allows a person inside to walk in the water. To walk in the water? Well, in no doubt it sounds interesting.  
Walking water ball is somehow similar to zorb ball only the difference is that walking water ball is specifically designed for water and not for rolling the hill. hence, the ball has only 1 layer.
I’ve seen a few water walking ball in children’s amusement parks, but never had one for adults, although certainly if there is, I would never have second thoughts trying it out. I’m always in for adventure and experiencing new thing tickles me. Somehow I wish I could have one

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