Why Mermaid Tail Blanket Rocks x NastyDress Review

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At one time in my life I dream to become a mermaid and that dream came true when I got this mermaid tail blanket from www.nastrydress.com. I've seen a lot of mermaid tail blankets online and I've always wanted to have one. Only this past week I finally decided to get one, since rainy season is already here  and it only means one thing it’s also going to be a mosquito season. 

Imagine my revulsion waking up with my legs infested with mosquito bites and you have no choice but to deal with the itch that will keep you awake all night.  So that is when I finally decided to get this blanket. 

Aside from making you feel like a mermaid this blanket totally rocks and here's my reason why:

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Realizations x Staying Summer Review

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The pretty month of September is  coming to an end and as I review my September  posts   2 realization dawned over me  1st I’ve been slacking a little bit on my fashion blogging and 2nd If I’ll ever get fed up with wearing rompers. But considering just how many good reasons this grown up onesies  could give,  made me think logically. I mean, come on,  it’s a one stop outfit, no need to pick a top or bottom, no need to deliberate what goes with this or with that. It's a time saver for the busy bees.

Last weekend  boyfriend and I went food hunting and I wore this white floral print long sleeve romper  from www.stayingsummer.com. Hmmmm, speaking of summer, the floral prints kinda reminds me of summer. I think it's fair enough to think of summer as the cold months is approaching  hihihi

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F&E Bacolod-Singcang Goodyear Autocare: Bigger and Better

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To further meet the demands F&E Autocare further expanded its Bacolod-Singcang branch. From 11 bays it is now 33 bays. It lifts it's roll-ups for the public lasr September 17, 2016 . “This is our big gift to the Negrense motoring community after 23 strong years of patronage and trust they gave the F&E brand of service.” said Emmanuel S. Aguillon, Senior Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of F&E Group, the parent company of F&E Family of Stores (Automotive).

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NastyDress Fashion Bags Wishlist

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Bags are consider a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. They make an instant spark in a woman’s outfit. I am not a Bagaholic but I was deeply influenced by my grandmother and my mom who are real lovers of bags. Ever since I was a kid they’ve been collecting bags of different classes and styles.  When we were little my mom would often buy me and my sister  girly sling purse in different colors and with cute dolls faces on it.

Growing up bags has become one of my favorite things to collect. But they say to be a bag collector it means you have to spill extra money for it. True, Bags can be a luxurious hobby to collect if you aim for the brand and the quality. Good thing though that now a days we can get more bag collections at a cheaper price but of good quality.

 A good example of an online shop offering good quality bags is NastyDress In their fashion handbag collections 
www.nastydress.com you can choose over different styles of bags.  Below are examples of their beautiful collections. 

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Flights of Fancy x TrendsGal Review

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A bag in the form of a lipstick? Certainly! This adorable cross body bag from www.trendsgal.com is never a flight of fancy, unrealistic as it may appear this bag is real and it's the cutest thing ever!
 Bags such as this gave a whole new meaning to the word "statement bags" you see they are far more whimsical and fun to carry around. Think about Charlotte Olympia's popcorn bag or Olympia Le-Tan's book clutch, truly a work of art. And right now I am beginning to be obsessed  with statements bags hahaha Thanks to trendsGal for their wide array of statement bags!

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Archery? Why Not

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I’ve always been captivated by the elves of the movie Lord of the Rings and the way they swivel while shooting arrows.  Secretly, Archery has always been a fascinating sport to me, although most people who know me can testify that I am not really into sports, but archery is an exception it’s one thing that I am willing to learn.  

In the Philippines though it’s a little bit hard to find a place where you can learn this or a location to practice perhaps. Luckily though a new light has been shed with www.buybubblefootball.com Archery Tag you can practice and play archery anytime anywhere. 

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