TM Football Para sa Bayan

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Last July 23, 2016 Globe Telecom in collaboration with Astro Malaysia held the TM Football Para sa Bayan. 

This aims to give talented kids from Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Davao and Manila a chance to join a world class football camp in Malaysia and Europe which is a part of the partnership between Astro Malaysia and Globe Telecom.

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Stripes + Rosegal Vintage Review

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A few days ago I had luncheon with my bf before he left town for a month (sigh). I wore what he says is his favorite dress for me. 
This chic round collar striped asymmetric shortsleeve dress also happens to be my favorite for the reason that it entails both comfort and basic.

 Actually, seeing it at evokes that one moment I first fell in-love with fashion. That moment when you finally decided in your heart that fashion will be your passion. All I can say is that we deserve to feel the best everyday.

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Subaru: Confidence in Motion

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The Japanese brand Subaru officially opened its showroom and service center last July 21, 2015 at Tabuc Suba Jaro Iloilo. Subaru Iloilo is the second dealership network in the Visayas, the First is in Cebu. The brand is known for its exclusive use of boxer engines and standard all wheel drive. 

With their brand slogan “Confidence in Motion” customers are assured safety in every motion.

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My Fashionmia Wishlists - Rompers & Twinsets

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It's been a while since I posted about fashion Introductory updates and pardon if  this blog have been idle for a few days. I've been bombarded with series of  events which I assure  to share it with you soon.  Anyways, today I'm gonna talk about my all time favorite outfit style Rompers and Twinsets. It's pretty obvious that this kind of style is closest to my heart. If you happen to see my closet you'll notice it mostly consist of these things.  

The reason why I love this style is because it's very fast and easy to wear, especially if you are in a rush, it's a perfect choice for travel since it's a  2 in 1 outfit and more importantly, it showcases and modifies sophistication and fun, but unlike the dresses playsuits and rompers does not constraint a woman's mobility in other words you can freely move all you want without the worry of exposing your under garments.

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It's Summer Somewhere + Review

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Summer has ended in the Philippines but somehow it’s still summer somewhere and hence, I’m wearing this  halter floral printed top and HW shorts from The material is made of polyester silk so it’s very supple on the skin and my fascination with halter tops never die away that is why when I saw this I know in my heart that I need to have this twinset. It’s something that you would wear on emergency days like when you believe you have nothing to wear.

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Cake Tasting at Carlos Bakery Cafe

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Let the truth be told,  no one can resist cakes they are delicious and the intricate designs and icing make it more irresistible. I have a sweet tooth and I looooove cakes that is why when  Carlos Bakery Cafe invited Iloilo Bloggers Inc. over to be the first to taste their new cake flavors I am blissfully excited.

The bubbly Paolo Trenas greeted us with 3 flavors of cake - Yema, Honey and Black Velvet. And inside my head I was like "ooohhhh cakes" hahaha

So let's start with the first cake:

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