A Palatable Experience At Seda

12:07 PM Nana Jover 7 Comments

Seda Atria hosted a press lunch to officially introduce its new Executive Sous Chef – Chef Shahab "Boo" Hesni. Me along with fellow bloggers and friends from  the media got to taste and enjoy his sumptuous masterpieces. Chef Boo also shared with us his fervor for culinary arts and scrumptious foods and It is his goal to make palatable dishes that are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also gratifying to the taste buds.

 For my part I love all the food and not to mention that the presentation of each meal is truly “instagram worthy” 

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Where To Shop Shoes Online

1:37 PM Nana Jover 8 Comments

I am a certified online shopper and I buy a lot of my things online and being a shoe addict, I find online shopping very convenient because aside from the  reality that I could shop even at midnight wearing only my Pyjamas  I don’t have to wait in a line, besides it’s easy for me to find my shoe sizes. In most stores I find it truly hard because they don’t usually have available shoe size for me. 

There are a vast of online shoe stores on the net, but if you were to ask me for suggestions. I suggest you check www.banggood.com. Comparing prices Banggood is way cheaper since their products come directly from the manufacturer. Banggood has many options you can choose from and yeah it's kinda overwhelming to look at them all hahaha thankfully though that they let you sort them by style, size and color so it's way easier to find what you really want.  

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My Rosegal Vintager Wishlist

10:00 AM Nana Jover 4 Comments

Hello lovelies, it's been awhile since I have shared my wishlist. Yeah,  I too have those nights when I can't sleep, then what I do is browse over the net checking online stores. I must admit I am a certified online shopper, although I can be sometimes pass as a mall rat, still I barely buy clothes from shopping malls. I always have that notion that online stores offer much uniquely design clothes and the fact that you can check clothes for hours without saleslady tagging along. hahaha 

Last night I came across www.rosegal.com a virtual boutique whose main concept is to save shoppers from the hassle of hiking up and down the clothing racks. Their collection has been edited and hand selected by a great team of stylists. Typically it's a one stop shop for on trend pieces especially vintage clothes although of course they still have other modern clothes but here I'm gonna share their vintage selection since I am a huge fan of vintage.

Elegant Sleeveless Floral Printed High Waist Sundress For Women

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UNIQLO and My Love for Chambray

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Chambray  the somewhat polish  version of denim is undeniably having been making waves around the fashion industry and I’m one of those that got hooked with it. I love anything that is chambray and I’m always drawn to it. If you’re going to ask me why, it’s because 1st Chambray goes with almost anything, you can pair it with a lace, with a leather, a skirt, a pants, a tutu, a denim  and so on.  2nd it’s effortlessly cool and 3rd the texture itself is riveting and unlike the denim that is quite heavy, chambray's are more lightweight,  so it's more supple on the skin. 

And speaking of light weight fabrics UNIQLO is one clothing company that often use light fabrics even on their denims and a good example of it is their miracle air jeans that promises comfort.

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Bella Vita: Why Owning A House Is Important

7:56 PM Nana Jover 3 Comments

We all dreamed of having our own house . An abode we can call our own It’s because there are so many good reasons why owning your own home is the best. For instance the freedom from everything because you will find yourself to be more in control and also the feeling that you have attain something colossal. Buying a house is a goal of a lifetime. 

But the thought that often comes to our mind is that? “Buying a house is expensive, I don’t have the funds to buy it. I’d rather rent it’s way cheaper”   

And that is one that Bella Vita understand hence they set off a low cost house. BellaVita is looking at a huge market of renters who will become end users with homes they can call their own. It aims to attract minimum wage earners and those from informal business sectors who can afford a monthly amortization of around P3,000. To reserve a unit costs only P3,500.   

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Bare Foot: My Happy Feet

5:38 PM Nana Jover 5 Comments

How do I start this post? I guess by saying that socks is not just a fashion accessory. Its purpose is more than that. Aside from keeping our feet sweat free,  it also keeps our feet warm from the cold.For me, it’s a must have whenever I travel, especially if I get to travel by plane or air conditioned cars because I frequently pee when I catch cold feet. 

I once mentioned that I am a sucker for cute things, I go banana  over apparels, accessories or even notebooks and ball pens with uber cute designs or styles. I want things that outlines a silhouette of cuteness.

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GOOZAM - A Difference in First Response

5:59 PM Nana Jover 2 Comments

With the evolving technology at our fingertips, life becomes easier and even if a lot of people would disagree, it’s a fact that almost all of us are already dependent on modern devices. It has become a part of our busy lifestyle.  Our smart phones, for instance, have totally enriched our lives, communicating with our family and friends became easier and aside from communication we can snap lots  of photos using it, listen to music,  do online bankings, shop clothes online and even book your airline tickets and taxi’s all you have to do is download the application from an application store.

So what if aside from your POU games, Camera 360, Instagram, Grab a Taxi and Facebook application, there is an application that can actually help save a life? Yes, you heard it right and it’s called Goozam

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Hello World with Hello Pal

6:13 PM Nana Jover 10 Comments

I am very fascinated with polyglot, people who can speak multiple languages, because even at an early age, I’m eager to learn various languages, perhaps in my youthful psyche I already  recognize the importance of being able to speak different lingo.  I remember when I was about 8 yrs. Old my mom bought us a mini stereo that comes with an audio language learning kit. Back that time cassette tapes are still popular hahaha. The kit includes 6 different cassette tapes of different languages. There’s Italian, Spanish (the easiest one to learn), Japanese, Arabic, German and Chinese. 

And the whole afternoon on weekends I would only sit in front of the stereo and  follow every word the voice on the tape would sound out, but it’s still kinda hard for an 8 yr old to memorize everything and the verity that it could actually become boring when you have no one with you to rehearse everything you learned. 

 Fast forward to 2015 my travel to Thailand and Japan further made me realize  how genuinely significant to learn at least the basic language of a certain country. Verbal communication is a must when travelling. And today with modern technology, making its existence known  it’s finally easy to learn different languages at your finger tips. No need to bring bulky language translation book. 

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Herschel Supply Opens In SM City Iloilo

9:22 PM Nana Jover 6 Comments

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply Co.. is a design driven global accessories brand that produces quality products such as bags, wallets and caps with a fine regard for detail.Driven to provide the everyday traveler with the perfect bags and accessories, Herschel Collections has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journeys. Featuring timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us, each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality. 

And boy, I'm glad that it's finally here in Iloilo.. yep Herschel is located at the upper ground ground floor new wing of SM City Iloilo

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Oishi Batchoi - Not Your Typical Batchoy

2:31 PM Nana Jover 8 Comments

Batchoy is a classic Ilonggo dish and almost a favorite of everyone. It’s a noodle soup made with pork organs, crushed pork  cracklings, chicken stock, beef loin, and rounded noodles.  The taste has captured not only the Ilonggo’s taste buds, but  almost every Filipino. Hence, this dish also captures the attention of Chef Benjie Garcia or known as Chef Benji San who used to work as a chef in japan for 20 years.  His love for food made him dream to someday launch his own restaurant where he can utilize his skills in preparing exquisite food by introducing fusion product such as Batchoy.. 

That dream paves its way to the birth of Oishi Batchoi - A restaurant that offers the well-loved batchoy but ... with a Japanese twist. 

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10 Lessons Learned From Love

4:48 PM Lala Granada 8 Comments

Gone are the fairy tale daydreams where a prince charming would sweep you off your feet,  rescue you from a fire breathing dragon and whisk you off to a faraway land to live happily ever after.  When your 20 you’ll realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you contemplate and that happily ever after doesn’t really exist especially this point in time where love seems surreal.

 When you experience heartbreak  you feel a huge hollowness, you know that emptiness that seems too impossible to fill in and regrettably  school can teach you how to pull through from a broken heart. But come with heartbreaks are tough lessons.... Lessons that can only be learned from experiencing love and getting hurt. 

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