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SM City Iloilo Food Hall with its spacious, luxurious interior designs and branded tenants will surely give Ilonggos the best dining experience. Me and my Fellow Iloilo Bloggers and along with SM City Iloilo marketing team have a gastronomic opportunity to taste each food from it's almost 15 tenants that offers not only Filipino food but also international cuisine such as Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mexican and Chinese. That day the word "diet" is indefinite. 

Surprisingly delicious these Korean dishes will definitely delight your hungry stomach and taste buds. Below are the two of it's best seller dishes -  the Kove Kimbap which is my personal favorite and the other is the Dolsot Bibimbap.

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Designer Wedding Dress

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It is every Girl’s dream to have the perfect wedding and wearing the perfect wedding gown.  But somehow finding the ideal one can be distressing and Cocomelody understands that every bride deserves to look at their best on their very special day and that is why they are bringing and offering the perfect   couture wedding dresses at the convenience of your very own home.

And I love it, there is no denying the fact that I adore wedding dresses.Who doesn't? it's one of the most significant apparel  any woman dream to wear. I'm all dreamy whenever I get to think about it. I must say it's one subject that I would love to write about. And If I were to choose a wedding dress I want it made with designer wedding gowns.

Cocomelody offers a variety of Bridal Gowns that will definitely suit every bride's taste  without splurging too much. From dashing ball gowns to captivating sweetheart and empire cut Bridal Dresses  they made sure that every Bridal Gown is designed with love and would make every bride the perfect beautiful bride this wedding 2016

Coco Melody is offering all busy bride on budget, a discounted and affordable wedding dress. There are hundreds of stunning collections in every style and silhouette you can choose from. So stop stressing over expensive wedding gowns

so to all upcoming brides it's time to check this site out.

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Manggahan Festival 2016

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Guimaras known as the Mango country of Western Visayas celebrated it’s Manggahan festival last May 22, 2016. It’s also my first time to witness such fête. The purpose of this event is not to showcase the Guimaras mango  alone but also to point out and show the world that there is more to Guimaras aside from their world’s best tasting mango. Different activities are flaunt representing the historical, cultural heritage and livelihood of the Guimarasnon .  The festival started from May 11 and ended on May 22 which is the culmination of the 12 days event . 

As I’ve mentioned It was my first time to join the event and I was astounded by the crowd, the line to the ferry boat is indeed intense. From Iloilo Port you have to take a ferry boat that will transport you to the Island and from Guimaras Port you have to take a Public Utility Jeepney (PUJ) to take you to the place of the event but all the travel and the heat (Summer in the Philippines can be a pain in the head) are worth it.

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Coffee Appreciation: BO's Coffee

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I admit I really am not a plain coffee person whenever I go to coffee shops, I always opted for a Frappe. So whilst everyone prefers black, iced, instant, brewed coffee as their crucial fix, in my case it's always a Frappe.. It is without a doubt that my love for it has led me to search various coffee shops in the urge to try every  kind of Frappes I could lay my eyes on. Even so, it  became my secret obsession.  Whereas my boyfriend on the other hand is the real coffee aficionado. Any coffee will do, It’s really what fuels him up. And me being the finicky one always made sure that every cafe or coffee shops we went to doesn’t only offer good  coffee and food, but also a decent and comfortable place to natter and let the time pass.  

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Dark spots drive me crazy! This is why I have been looking to find the best solution that will help me get rid of these spots that have been haunting me. That is when I discovered the ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher. It is everything and more than what I expected it to be. It is an excellent antioxidant that keeps my skin bright and clear.
It is not just the dark spots that the ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher has helped diminish. It has also diminished the presence of blemishes and put an end to hyper-pigmentation. I have never seen such an effective product that puts a full-stop to my skin issues in such a minimum span of time. It is the perfect blend of cream and treatment that is ideal for any skin type.It can be used in the morning as well as night depending on my convenience. My skin has never felt so alive or fresh and I owe much to this brilliant cream.

The cream should be applied onto the dark spots after cleansing. After application of the cream, I follow it up with a moisturizer. This has proven to be an effective method of treatment. The vitamin 

A, C and E present in the cream protects my skin and provides with the essential vitamins that my skin requires. Every ingredient added in the skin has a medicinal value that plays a vital role in reviving my skin's texture and complexion. A very small quantity is enough to cover a large portion of my skin.

I am very happy with the product and its effect on my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anybody who is worried about the dark spots present on their face. I’m looking forward to trying all the ABOTANIQ products after using the Dark Spot Diminisher. 

Thnks for dropping by. Pls don't forget to leave your blog links on the comment box below

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Things You Shouldn't Give Up To Be Happy

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I was having coffee this morning and yet I feel  so destabilized not because it’s Monday, but it’s because lately things are shaking up my mental state and my need for clarity is even making it difficult to coincide. It’s simply that sometimes despite your preeminent effort to feel your best, you may feel worse. Life isn’t all roses, happiness is a choice and the only thing that stands in your way to attain it is… Yourself.   Sometimes our mind is the worst dictator, it could stir up stories that could make us think why we cannot achieve our goal, why we can’t be happy. But at the same time it’s an educationalist it teaches us, it helps us assess the constructive from the unfit. Happiness – a simple word yet it has launched a myriads of doubts among men. 

What are the things you shouldn't give up to be happy?

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Greenwich #OMCheese Lasagna Supreme

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 I was fortunate enough to experience a scrumptious #OMCheese night at Greenwich Robinsons Mall IloiloGranted the fact that Greenwich has been offering delicious cheesy pasta dishes through the years, but now they further enhance the taste of their pasta. And recently The Cheesy Lasagna Supreme has been made even more cheesier with its perfectly cooked al dente noodles smothered in a bountiful coating of tasty meat sauce and mounds of rich cheese in each layer and topped with creamy white sauce where mozzarella cheese is baked to perfection. Surely every forkful is sure to get you saying #OMCheese. Starting at only Php 80.00 (snack size ala carte), the new extra  cheesy Greenwich Lasagna Supereme is the "barkada's" favorite go to treat this summer.

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