The Benefits of Relaxation

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People close to me knows how restless I could get most of the time. Multitasking is probably my most favorite leisure pursuit, I guess to be restless is already encrypted  in my genes.  But honestly though I do have my share of daydreams like relaxing on a sandy seashore sipping a Mojito or perhaps go mountain climbing (ahh #1 on my bucket list for this year) and lots of traveling. But the reality is forbidding at times, you are encased in a world wherein you  have to constantly adapt to the highs and lows that even temporary escapism is not an option. Optimism would soon begin to fade, leaving you with the daunting question on where have all the years gone by. I love the work that I have, but more often than not it can be so demanding that I also yearn some time to put my feet up.

Lucky for us, though we got a complimentary 2 night stay at Injap Tower Hotel courtesy of a family friend who owns 2 units there. Injap Tower  is the first hi-rise building in Western Visayas, particularly a 21 storey condotel that promises an ideal home away from home getaway. Each room has it's own queen size bed and standard bed, a big closet and you're very on kitchen complete with sink, microwave and electric thermo pot, there's also a desk and  a 46-LED cable TV. and not to mention a panoramic view of the city. 

Aside from these bedroom amenities,  guest can also enjoy a dip at the tranquil pool located at the 5th floor or  get fit and healthy at their gym. You can also enjoy a relaxing treatment at the spa that is also located at the 5th floor.

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Spaghetti Cravings

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Spaghetti will always be an all time classic favorite, I think it's here to stick around forever. (Indeed, there is forever!  hahaha) but seriously though, Spaghetti have been always in attendance at a Filipino's kid birthday party, although it's an Italian in derivation it had diversify to other countries and well Filipino's have totally embraced it. 

 Creamy pesto went down well last Saturday when we had our spaghetti/pasta tasting at  Spaghetti Cravings, a homegrown brand with a food kiosk concept that proffer varieties of Italian pastas/spaghetti with a Filipino twist! yay! They have at least 5 variants you can choose there is Creamy Pesto, Mom's Original Classic (Filipino Style Spaghetti), Tuna and Tomato & Eggplant, Puttanesca and Creamy Carbonara and all I can say is that the infusion of both styles made it more appetizing.

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