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It's been a while since I posted about fashion Introductory updates and pardon if  this blog have been idle for a few days. I've been bombarded with series of  events which I assure  to share it with you soon.  Anyways, today I'm gonna talk about my all time favorite outfit style Rompers and Twinsets. It's pretty obvious that this kind of style is closest to my heart. If you happen to see my closet you'll notice it mostly consist of these things.  

The reason why I love this style is because it's very fast and easy to wear, especially if you are in a rush, it's a perfect choice for travel since it's a  2 in 1 outfit and more importantly, it showcases and modifies sophistication and fun, but unlike the dresses playsuits and rompers does not constraint a woman's mobility in other words you can freely move all you want without the worry of exposing your under garments.


odern Sweetheart Dacron Falbala Plain Top And Hip Skirt Twin Set

Today though I'm gonna introduce I supposed most of you is already familiar with this online shop, but for the benefit of those who doesn't,  Fashionmia is a women online clothing store, they ship worldwide and carry a large variety of fashion apparels in a very economical prices. Fashion apparels such as cute skater dresses and my favorite twinsets and rompers.
Floral Print Romper
Sunflower Print Romper
Dacron Bohemian Inspired top and short twinset
Basic peplum and HW short Twinset
Delightful Plaid Romper

Fashionmia is currently celebrating Flash sale up to 50% Off so be sure to check them out.

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  1. The romper sets are cute for younger people... nice prints and great for summer xox