How To Be Beautifully You

11:53 AM Lala Granada 12 Comments

A belated Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you guys had a happy Christmas celebration with your loved ones. Ours,  we spent it with a simple dinner and exchanging gifts! What did you guys get for Christmas? ;)

I wanted to blog something more Christmas related, but I have come up with this topic instead after being in the blogging rut for days. I suppose sometimes we get to the point that loving ourselves is hard specially if our flaws are being directly pointed at us. Being yourself is not at all times the easiest thing to do. There will be relentless fights within you.  So How to be beautifully you?

First  is Acceptance -  accepting that the only thing in the world that is perfect is perfection itself.  Accepting who you are will unleash a more positive outlook towards life. Besides, what you are is God's gift to you.

Second is Be who You Are - be who you are and not what others want you to be. The only person who controls your happiness is you and you alone.

Third is Be An Apple Among The Oranges -  As Coco Chanel quoted " In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Find your unique self and follow your own style. Believe in yourself and don't be ashamed to show it to the world. 

What about you? share some tips on the comment box on how to be beautifully you.


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Fairy Tale

1:40 PM Nana Jover 7 Comments

Mooring the romantic feeling with this midnight blue lace gown from wearing this I felt like I came out of one of those fairy tale books, perhaps a damsel in distress locked in a high tower? hahaha 
What I love about this dress is how splendid the tail coat is, I'm a critter for gowns, I love having them in my closet, although I could only wear them on occasions. But I guess gowns are a must have in a ladies closet agree?
 I also paired this dress with a Fashion Metal Hairpin from lovelywholesale still for a more dramatic effect! I am definitely investing on hair accessories because I know how they can turn bland hairstyle into something chic in an instant.
Overall, I can say that this dress is a thumbs up, the quality is great and I love the color. For more details on Lovelywholesale you can check their site and see more of the fashion items they are selling. 

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20 Things That Makes Me Happy (Nana)

4:02 PM Nana Jover 8 Comments

Psychologists say that humans have the capacity to make their selves happy and by listing down the things we are blissful and grateful about and be reminded of it everyday can help boost our daily moods. Hi everyone I guess it's my turn to share the 20 things that makes me happy, although I can think of more than 20. But let's stick to the number that my sister Lala has started. hehehe so, below are the things that is making me happy.

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Onecklace: Jewelries With Meaning

1:39 PM Nana Jover 6 Comments

If you are looking for a unique, personalized and inspirational jewelries then Onecklace  is the best choice. Based in Jeruslaem Onecklace is an international jewelry manufacturer that deals exclusively with customized name jewelries.  

I am most likely the type of person who would invest on jewelries that has a consequential representation to me that is why I am always drawn to personalize and charm jewelries. You see there are certain jewelries that come and go but there will always be few trinkets that is for keepsake, those kind of jewelries that we wanted to hold on to forever. This isn't the first time that I get to own a jewelry from Onecklace in fact, I got my very first necklace from them last year. Oh, how I love that piece, I still have it until now! 

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