20 things That Makes me Happy

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Happiness - a simple word, yet, a difficult one to achieve, especially if you get caught with daily doses of hassles and anxieties. But how to achieve happiness? They say that Happiness is a state that epitomizes by having a purposeful and meaningful life. . How we perceived things around us always has an impact on our life.

I'd thought I'd make a list of  things that makes me happy. I find it really useful, jotting down the things that makes you happy at the end of a hectic day will divert your thoughts positive.

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Book Review: Oasis by Dima Zales

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I was one of the lucky ones  who was chosen to get an advance copy of this book  for an honest review and yes the first ever book review I'll have on this blog. The truth is that I am not really a fan of  Sci-fi although I enjoy watching movies like the Divergent and AI, but the sci-fi genre's are preferably the last category I would choose from a book but for a change I decided to give it a try.  So before I head over to my review here is a short synopsis of what this book is all about:

"My name is Theo, and I'm a resident of Oasis, the last habitable area on Earth. It's meant to be a paradise, a place where we are all content. Vulgarity, violence, insanity, and other ills are but a distant memory, and even death no longer plagues us. 

I was once content too, but now I'm different. Now I hear a voice in my head, and she tells me things no imaginary friend should know. Her name is Phoe, and she is my delusion. 

Or is she?"

Author: Dima Zales - A New York Times best selling Author
Publisher: Mozaika Publication
Book Release Date:January 19, 2016
Legal Stuff!
I received this book for free through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review. Receiving it free did not impact my review in any way.

My Honest Review:

Oasis if the first book of the Last Human Trilogy.I'd say the author did a great job with this book! It's very intriguing and I was happy that it's not one of those boring sci-fi books. The plot has many twists and turns that will keep you guessing chapter after chapter. A good book is something that you can't foretell what the ending is. Reading chapter 1 where the protagonist appears to be hearing voices in his head  and calls it Phoe fascinates me since I was thinking that ok this might not be the kind of Sci-fi book I'm imagining especially when it comes to the plot where revelations were unveiled that Phoe is not just a mere voice inside Theo's head but instead she is....... opppsss sorry but I can't spill the beans. hahahha But honestly the story is humorously dense and  the ending was the biggest plot twist of all, it's something that I did not expect at all! 

Overall this is a great book and I am looking forward to read the next series! 

"Theo: Are you going to make me forget all this happened? 
Phoe: Of course not, Your mind is the most sacred thing in this place"

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Be Your Own Hero

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Welcome to our new blog layout honestly though I  worked on this for close to 1 and half hours. It's kinda tough to work on stuffs you're not an expert on. But you can always get free templates at www.themexpose.com me on the other hand still worked on the css and html codes to come up with a drop down menu hahhaa. But I'm really loving the minimalist look of the new lay out and a big yay for the slider!

The main reason for the changes is because I wanted to reset everything... I mean everything in my life. I'm learning all the process after my hard land on the timeless labyrinth of madness.  A fresh start would be good,  I'm happy to finally back on track again. Just this morning as I was having my favorite cup of tea I came across a quote that says "Be Your Own Hero" Indeed sometimes we have to be our own hero.

 I grow up believing in Fairytale's Prince Charming and Knight in shining armor. But the reality bug would remind  me that my life are empty pages waiting for meaningful narratives to write on it's pages.  Certainly, If you get to write and plot your own life story, what would you write about? 

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4 Things Japan Taught Me

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Those who loves to travel understand that when you travel you just don't explore the place, take beautiful pictures, meet other people and collect memories. But along with it are imperative lessons that you can only obtain through travelling. I'd say that travelling is the best education possible, a flight to the  magical world  that is still obscure to you. 
I am a neophyte to the world of travelling, I had my first international travel last March of 2015 and followed by my second trip last September. From the verdant, panoramic provinces of Thailand to the electrifying world of Japan left me to think where my next destination will be.

Today's post is all about the things Japan taught me.  Ahhh Japan my first love. Certainly, my undying love for this country is not to doubt for. If by chance I'm willing to pack my clothes again and fly back there. I'd say that life there is not all milk and honey  It has its ups and downs too. But who cares? If you're in love with something you will take the risks. I don’t know, but Japan gave me a different kind of adrenaline rush, everything about it amaze me. 

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Confession of a Workaholic

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I wish that my dire need to exhort more effort in chasing dreams after dreams is not taking it's toll on me, but truth be told that my life is already out of symmetry. My struggle with busyness is wiring me up to the point that I have already pleaded with life itself. My once busy life becomes more full because of the thought that I have to move fast. I may succeed with every project that I do, but I don't  feel accomplished at all because I'm losing the clarity of the real purpose, I'm leaving out the journey. 

Countless sleepless nights  I toss and turn on my bed and in the morning I get myself drunk with bottles over bottles of energy drink. I would continue to deny myself with the truth that I am straining myself to fatality because in my mind I never regard myself as a workaholic. 

I'm like an automatic machine programmed to take in work after work after work. Until one day I just snapped, that day my head is so heavy, my lung is so heavy I can't breath properly (Yes! Too much stress can cause sleep apnea, which led to difficulty in breathing) and I'm just sitting there like the Grinch who hated the world. I lose interest in everything, I lose interest in my passion. This new anguish led me to self pity and push me to further afflict myself by submerging to more work. And yes, after my daily work I would usually bake and sometimes ended baking until midnight with the thought that its my stress reliever but reality is I just can't sleep. I  love to bake but I've used it as a gateway to self infliction instead of it as a fundamental foundation of one of my future goals.

How it all ended? How did I've come to realize that enough is enough? It was 
that day when a person close to me told me that I needed help and I was like "I'm not crazy... I don't need help" but these voices in my head is agreeing that I am losing my sanity. The thought of seeking professional help dreaded me and I was like - No.. I can begin to heal myself.. I can win the battle I've created myself. That night I cried my heart out.  I know and God knows of the beast I am  fighting in my head. I realized I miss a lot of things... I miss going on weekend trips, I miss going to the bookstore, I miss reading my favorite book, I miss my love note writing to God, I miss enjoying concocting new recipes, I miss my blogging, I miss Life itself. 

Realization finally dawned me that it's time for  me to finally pull myself out of this abysmal isolation.  Its time for me to gain perspective again. Honestly, I was really hesitant to write about this but I know that there are people like me out there.... struggling.... in denial....lost...wondering...And hoping to be free. 

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Happiness Boutique - Chic Necklace

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Elegant and sophisticated this is what this glamorous pearl necklace from www.happinessboutique.com is all about. Fashion savvy understands the significant role of accessories on daily wardrobes. It empowers bland outfit by making it more appealing.  
My sister specifically chose this intricately crafted Flower Pearl Necklace noting that this piece coined to be a real statement necklace, which I believe is true.  

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