Cafe Iloilo

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For now I have to take a break from my Thailand post to give way to my Philippine post as I've noticed that my Philippine category is still empty hahahah. I've traveled in some places in the Philippines before but, that was years ago before I came across the word "blogging". But I really wish to go back to those places once again. Perhaps one of these days if my hectic schedule would allow.

Part of this blog, I'll mainly talk about food. Yes, my sis and I were constantly on the look out for gourmet destination. In fact, we have notebooks with us, we labeled as "Gourmet Bucket List"  So It's like I have my travel lists and I also have my Gourmet bucket lists.
The first place that I get to share is this cafe-resto called Cafe Iloilo it is situated  at La Fiesta Hotel, M.H del Pilar St. Molo
My cousins  and I had our dinner at this posh cafe resto and I can say that I love the place, The food is really good, the service crew are very accommodating and friendly. 
This chalk printed wall is just right for a one of kind OOTD shot hahaha Just excuse my haggard face but I wouldn't let it pass.
This is my favorite among the foods that we ordered it's called "rellenong Talong" or  stuffed eggplant but, this one is a mash version that looks more like a eggplant sisig to me. But it taste really good!
This one is a Chicken pesto pasta only ate a very small portion of this since I am not really a pasta person hahha
Molo Soup is a soup dish composed of  pork meat wrapped in wonton wrapper,  shrimps, chicken meat and etc. 
I ordered for this one.. yeah, I'm trying to be healthy at least hahha this is a mango chicken organic salad.  I enjoy the taste and It's not heavy on the stomach. 
I'll definitely gonna visit this place again ;) 
thanks for dropping by =)

3 Sweet Thoughts: Wishlist

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Hello Lovelies it's this time of the week again where I'll post my fashion wishlists. The thing I love about the internet especially during those boring days I get to discover new online stores.  I'am that kind of girl who loves to look through and spend time browsing over virtual stores. So a few days ago I discover I am not sure if how many fashion savvy gals are familiar with this store. But I swear the prices are really cheap. It  Is a global website destination for fashion-forward and girls to shop clothing, shoes, bags, kids&baby, jewelry and accessories. They also offer free shipping world wide. 

Among my favorites from their store are the following:

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Hi, how's everyone's been doing?  I am so glad that I can finally blog an outfit post. I am grateful to my photographer friend Joseph who took the time to take outfit shots of me. Oh! You should check his tumblr page at he has tremendously amazing collections of snapshots. 

Anyway, we took these shots early in the morning for a dramatic sunrise effect. This outfit is more of a soft grunge, something I am use to dressed in.
What do you think?

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Shop Macy's Women Special with USGoBuy

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USGoBuy provides its clients with delivery services but it’s slightly different from any other courier services. This is an American company which helps its buyers to purchase products through them.

USGoBuy employees purchases and collects your order on your behalf. After they had collected the goods are sent to the company’s warehouse from there it is being sent to you.

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Life Begins at 30

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Hello everyone, it's been a while since I last posted an outfit post. Why? Because I have been busy with my recently opened online cupcake business yep,  I do bake and that's how I spend most of my little free time - baking. I seriously don't know how on earth did I ever decide to have an addition to my always busy schedule, but since cupcake business is included in my bucket list and I just recently celebrated my 31st birthday I found myself in the pulse of ticking everything off from the list. 

It's When you hit the  30 phases that you begin to really contemplate about your life and how you have been doing  the past years. It's like waking up one morning and you try to cipher out all the years that went by. I guess Life does begin at 30, In your 20's you feel like you have a full life ahead and you enjoy every moment without really giving cares about the future, but when you are 30 you begin to deem that life is fleeting hahaha. 

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Skin Vitality Soap Review

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Having beautiful skin is important to me, I want to touch it and have them be smooth. Because, let's just admit nobody want's to feel poorly about self image and our skin is the very first thing that people would notice, it also projects how you take care of yourself. 

But In my case who has a sensitive skin, it's kinda hard  to find the perfect beauty products to use. I have to be extra careful because a wrong product will trigger skin allergies. I remember that one time when my mom got me this whitening lotion and I ended up with an allergic contact dermatitis. Imagine me having to endure the itching and stinging sensation for weeks and not to mention my skin really looks awful. From then on I've been using the same products my Doctor advised me to use and it's a bit pricey. 

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Cheap Hair Extension

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Hair trends are always changing and sprouted another hair trend in the fashion industry  is the hair extension trends . So what are hair extensions? It’s the substitute for our gnawing wish for longer hairs! In other words, it is especially innovated to tote up one’s short hair.  The thing is Hair extensions can also help  fix those bad hair days. Just think of the different hairstyles we’ll have each day. 

At CC Hair Extensions  you will find all the latest styles in Hair Extensions,  from long straight hair, mermaid waves or boho styles they have it all. They are a supplier of hair extensions for both wholesaler and retailers and the ship worldwide. 

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The White Temple - Wat Rong Khun

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If you are planning to have a vacation in Thailand then I suggest you also visit Chiang Rai Province it's a 1 hour and 20 mins flight from Bangkok.. I can assure you it's one place you would love to go back to because aside from the cool climate, it is rich in historical places both man made and natural. Exactly like this breathtaking Wat Rong Khun  or popularly known as The White Temple, it is designed and made by a local artist in Chiang Rai Chalermchai Kositpipat. 

Wat Rong Khun is composed of nine buildings, including this Ubosot (pictures below) who seems to glitter from afar. Ubosot is a building in a Buddhist way or the most holy place or ordination hall. Hence, tourists are advised to wear proper clothes. They provide "sarong" skirts for females wearing shorts, mini skirts and dresses. Cameras are not allowed inside the Ubosot too.
Before reaching the Ubosot you will pass a bridge over a lake they called "The Cycle of Rebirth" and at first you'll be distracted by popping hands that seem to be reaching but it actually symbolizes uncontrolled desires. And according to it that the only way to bliss is to distract yourself away from temptation, greed and desires. After you surpass the bridge you will reach the gate of heaven, which guarded by two creatures that represents death. And of course the Ubosot itself! I have no pictures of what's inside the upset because it is strictly forbidden, but inside you'll  find an uncanny picture, something you won't expect to see in a temple. The walls are painted with murals of flames and demon faces and pictures of Michael Jackson, Freddy Kruger, Ben ten, Angry birds, terminator, weapons of mass destruction and other destructive stuffs. 

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