Changed Perspective

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Finally, I am in the mood to finish this blog post, got myself a break from all the work hurdles and finally lounging on a breezy, sunny Wednesday afternoon. The beautiful panorama - the blue sky, the dancing, swaying of the tree branches, the warm heat of the sun made me realize that a "Me Time"  a quiet moment and  away from the busy circle is all I need to get my thoughts back on track.  

I must acknowledge that I'm a slacker lately and stressing over unnecessary things that causes me insomnia for successive nights.   It was on the verge of loosing my inner peace when I realize that I have to wake up  and get out from this emotional and mental trap. This isn't what I aim my 2015 to be. So, this morning I took my 2015 planner and review all my plans and goals. 

The goal is  to strictly focus and avoid distractions and barriers. I can't always control the things that's gonna happen in a day, but I have a choice to continue to brood over it or have a changed perspective. 

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My Luluc Summer Outfit Wishlists

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Hey yah everyone I recently discovered this online shop called I'm not sure if you guys have heard about this one but it's a One-stop clothing company that makes shopping for women  more convenient.  they also offers Free shipping worldwide.  One thing I love about this online store is that you can easily navigate through their site and find exactly what you like. I might say that the prices are very affordable. So leafing through their page I came up with this summer wishlist!!!  and OMG all the items are very cute!!! 

I have a thing for off-shoulder tops so yes they are on my top lists: hahaha

Polka Dot Off Shoulder Lattern Sleeves Chiffon Blouse

White Off Shoulder Long Sleeved Pleated Blouse

Pink And White Striped Sleeveless Bow Waist Blouse

White Off The Shoulder Tunic Crop Blouse

 Summer Layered Lace Spaghetti Strap Dress

What's your summer outfit ideas? Sign up at Luluc and get 10%Off coupon 

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Love Month Outfit Ideas

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Happy Hearts day everyone, don't you just love February? the love month? maybe to some who haven't found the love of their life may think that it's rather a gloomy month but cheer up Bella. Being single is not a reason not to celebrate it. We can always celebrate it with family and friends.

Finding the perfect outfit is as important as the event itself. For fashionista we spend days before planning what to wear hahah admit it!  But today of course I'll be sharing with you Valentine Outfit ideas I found from to my avid readers they know that I've been talking about TB DRESS wedding gowns way before but did you know that they also have other women's clothing? yes they do from casual wears to street styles and I have especially select some outfits that can be perfect for valentines day:

I don't care what they say but I would love to wear these maxi dresses hahaha perfect for a dinner date

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Loving Your Self First

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Happy Love Month everyone honest though I've been contemplating these past days on what topic to write that I could associate with this month. But my brain seems to get stuck in the mud hahaha But just today, though I finally decided to write something about loving yourself first. There is no denying the fact that falling in love is the best feeling in the world. The world becomes more  colorful, all the senses become intense until you’re in a state of euphoria, everything about him or her is just perfect, they give you butterflies and you remember every little detail about them, you somehow feel you are one, you let love consume you and that’s when falling in love becomes intricate because the moment you allow yourself to lose your sense of  reasons is also the moment you lose yourself. 

You continually love the person up to the point that there is no love left for yourself, but we are ok with that as long as the person we love would stick to our sides we are always ready to offer the world. But in the long run the love that is so mountain high became a plateau of desolation and we have begun to wonder why it hurts so much and the truth started to resonate within us. The battle commences between the heart and the mind.. Too many what if, but, why, how when the fact is, if you have loved yourself first you wouldn't be hurting that much. 

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2015 Bridesmaid Dress

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 A Bridesmaid’s dress is as significant as the bride’s dress. It is one key element that could add color to a wedding. 

 Are you a soon to be bride looking for the perfect dresses for your bridesmaid? Do you want a sophisticated, chic, vintage sassy or hippie styles?  Don’t fret then, because in this post I bring you 2015 Bridesmaid Dress and Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses UK

JD Dresses have a wide collection of beautiful gowns at a very affordable prices and not to mention that they do offer FREE SHIPPING And what is more enticing is the fact that you can shop without the hassle of going from store to store. so if you are going to shop at JD Dresses? well  the most important thing is that they pay attention to the quality of their dresses. QUALITY is very important to them .

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Secret Garden + GIVEAWAY

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Hello Lovelies how's everyone's Monday? Mine is a little hectic, but I am in full blast so no worries for me ha-ha. The fact that I am a little bit pump up, it’s because I feel so satisfied that I am slowly but surely achieving my long lists of wish lists. 2015 is my target  to fulfill it all and to date I’ll be travelling to Thailand this march and finally got a permanent tattoo! It’s always been my long dream to have one, but I am always hesitant due to possible pain ha-ha, but I finally got the guts to do it yesterday and I am surprise  that it's not too painful at all. 

Today's look reminds me of the Secret Garden it was my childhood favorite movie. Wish I could have  a secret garden too. Dress is from I love how vintage the dress looks. The kind of dress that my granny would love to wear agree?  But you know this dress is very comfortable due to it's flowy details. This is the sort of dress that you wear anytime.

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