Cape Cardigan

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I always get surprised look from people whenever they see me in pants. I guess it’s because they are used to seeing me in dresses. The thing is corporate fashion is not really my thing unless I have business meetings to attend to. Just like the case of these pants, I bought this a few months back  for a one day meeting and right after that it’s been sleeping in my closet for quite some time waiting for that day I'll wear it again and that day is today.

I was looking for a matchy match for this cape cardigan I recently got from and the pants was the perfect match. Obviously, I don for a monochrome vibe. Funny though that when you mention "Cape" people's first notions are "You'll look like Harry Potter" or "you'll look like a hopeless villain in a cartoon movie" I must admit wearing capes can be really tricky but cape's are effortlessly cool.  I love having pieces that can be worn from season to season. This irregular solid cape cardigan  can be worn in winter, summer or rainy seasons all you have to do is to adjust the sleeves of the cape and you'll have a sleeveless cardigan.  What do you think? =)

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Love At First Sight

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She heard a voice from behind her as she was poking her head in an empty room and when she turned around her eyes met his. And from that moment on the world vanish and it was just him and her. He was talking to her, but his voice seems to send her drifting into a labyrinth of endless bliss. She must admit it was love at first sight. The moment she set her eyes on him she haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.  She thinks about him every second of the day.  Ahhh the random emotions that love at first brought.

That is exactly what I feel when I saw this  Scoop Lace Back Sweep Train Evening Dress it was love at first sight and honestly I spent days thinking about it until such time I finally decided to choose it among hundreds of cheap evening dresses from it's very chic and modern and I love the subtle touch of tulle and lace on my skin whenever I caress it. Yes, sounds a bit weird but I do hug my dresses especially if I'm so delighted with it hahaha and oh the long train that glides on the floor. I feel like a princess longing for a prince or perhaps a damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor. Okay enough of this fairy tale day dreams. But who's to blame wearing dresses like this will enchant you to day dream. hahaha

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Today I Will Begin Again

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I am guilty of making assumptions that this brand new year will be just like the old year. I failed to contemplate that last year brought many changes in my life and in various ways it changed me. So today I will begin again. I know myself more than anybody else does and in my heart I know I can make magic happen. Someone once told me that I have an indomitable spirit so I shouldn't be afraid to reach for my dreams. True enough all I have to do is to take every chance seriously and I'll be larger than life. Things will pass and the pains and suffering I am feeling right now - this too shall pass. As a famous adage quoted "Have faith  that you can have the life you want to have by believing in yourself and making it happen."  It's a comforting sentiment isn't it?

Today's dress is courtesy of an inviting scoop-neckline and with a knotted twist near the hips for a dramatic effect. This dress is stretchy so I suggest to choose size smaller than your usual body size. If you are size Medium then I suggest go for size Small, but over all I give this dress a +10 because of it's versatility and comfort, I consider this as one of my emergency dresses. There 2 colors are available for this dress one is Blue and the other one is Gray

What do you think of my outfit today? =)

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New Year Wishlist: Lazy Days Staples

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With the  new situation in my life I must admit that at times I become indolent when it comes to dressing up. Having to constantly split my time on day jobs, blogging, doing errands and sleeping late since my father is still in the hospital is  zapping my energy, that every time I woke up in the morning I just want to wear whatever my hand could take hold of because I don't have anymore time to care for how I look.  But believe me when I say that it is always difficult for me to find something that could live up to my multitasking day when I am lethargic.  So had it on my new year wishlist to invest on wardrobe, particularly  for lazy days
Just like this High Waist Retro shorts I got from a classic five-pocket design with cuff hem details. It's really ideal for lazy days. I paired it with a classic white tee, flats and vintage jewelries. I don't have to worry going to and fro and not feeling comfortable. 

What I'm wearing:

Shorts: Stylemoi product link Here
Bangles: from Stylemoi
Flats from Oasap product link Here
Bag: Borrowed form my Mom
\Necklace: Christmas Gift
Watch: Guess

If you are like me looking for wardrobes fit for lazy days then you should check because you will definitely find all  the lazy days staples that you need. not to mention that the shipping is FREE and very fast. But, what are these lazy days staples? below I listed my wishlists and items I found on style moi that are fit for lazy days!!!!


1. Crop Tops: Basic needs. Easy to wear and very comfy

2. Playsuit and Jumpsuits - my favorites, with this one piece you are always good to go.
3. Jeans and shorts - always a style staple especially for days where you have to go on several errands.
4. Accessories - the key spice so don't forget to invest on these.

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365 Days

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Hello lovelies this post was scheduled last January 1, 2015, but unfortunately there was a twist on  my first plan, due to an inevitable event. The start of my year is not what I expected it to be but I am grateful to still be experiencing this new year. It's a new season of life and it promises new adventures and wonders.

 This year I am hoping to embark on more exciting and creative projects and adventures. And to further expand my horizons on both my personal life and blogging career.  Come with this is a tradition to jot down lists of your new year resolutions and goals. Mine is not really that long because I wanted to make it more realistic as I could. So here they are:

1. To sleep early - right now I am totally sleep deprived  because since last year  I've been sleeping very late. So,  I badly need to re-adjust my body clock.
2. Make it a habit to go to the gym
3. Open account for travel funds
4. Less stress and avoid being grouchy
5. More patient
6. Stronger Faith
7. Start a creative project
8. Take beautiful photos
9. Healthy lifestyle
and last but not the least
10. Happy thoughts for my father

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Ball Gown Wedding Dress

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Happy new year every one let's start this year with something magical - let's talk about weddings!You I love attending weddings because 1 reason I am always enticed with wedding gowns.  It is one of the most significant thing in a wedding. Agree with me ladies?  I am not a bride yet, but if I were to become one, I don’t think stressing myself, looking for something is not really that sensible. But, if I were to choose a design I want a Ball Gown Wedding Dress. Hmmmm Something Like one of those Victorian Era Gowns or perhaps a Christian Dior Inspired Ball gown? Because I wanted a fluffy bottom wedding dress, one with petticoats or crinoline. Ahh, so much of a fairytale wedding.

 Anyway,Wedding She is the perfect online shop to look for Discount wedding dress 2015 and champagne lace wedding dress have a wide array of wedding gowns. You want vintage? classic? sexy?  or something like a Champagne Wedding, they have it. Don't believe me? well check out my top choices of Ball Gown Wedding Dresses. Woohooo I  wanted to wear wedding gowns everyday! hahhahaha 

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