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March 26, 2015

I kept tapping my fingers on the glass table while the monitor screen is frolicking on my eyes. A part of me is screaming "Buy the ticket! Buy the ticket!" but a part of me is having all these dissents. This is my chance to fulfill my lifelong dream, to travel outside the Philippines and to check off the #2 spot on my travel bucket list. 

Cebu Pacific is having their Bangkok promo sale and by God's grace I have the funds to pay for it. So what is holding me back? it's the #1 spot on my travel list - Japan.. I am completely eyeing it, it's my ultimate dream destination.  But getting there is a little tricky but I am not losing the hope of getting there someday and it's another  reason why I am saving my entire funds for it,  if I am going to use it now will I be able to come up with enough resources to fund it soon? I flip through the pages of my Belle De Jour planner and the words I scribble there months ago smack me right on my face. "Dreams will remain a dream forever unless you do something about it." If  I am not going to take this ride now then when? So I skip #1 and proceed to #2 first and that is exactly what I did.

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1 Sweet Thoughts

  1. Yay Nana, that is awesome, I am so thrilled for you ... I am going to feel the same way when I can by my first ticket... mine is a long way off but saving some money towards it each pay helps me believe it is possible... This is so exciting xox


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