Flash Back 2014

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In a few hours we'll be saying goodbye to 2014 and then the start of another new year - . Isn't it a bit sad how time just seems to slip away? so before anything else i would love to do a flashback of what my 2014 was. I can't honestly say that it was the best year, it was a roller coaster ride but definitely it was an amazing year for I have accomplished some of the things that I have planted long ago in my day dream garden.  I  have grown stronger and wiser because of the lessons I learned -valuable lessons that I'll forever carry. 

So, What are the lessons I have learned this 2014?  

1. Sometimes It's ok to play deaf - are you familiar with the story of the frog race? then you know what I meant with this. The story is about a bunch of tiny frogs  that decided to do a race to get to the top of a tower. A great crowd of frogs also gathered to watch the tournament but not a single frog from the crowd believe that the runner frogs could reach the top of the tower that they started to yell things that discouraged most of the runner frogs and with this the runners began to collapse one by one except for one tiny frog who succeeded in reaching the top of the tower, for  it turned out that this tiny frog is deaf! the lesson? always shut your ears to pessimistic people - people who continue to be little your dreams, because these are the kind of people who would never believe in you,  they would just weaken  your visions and reveries.

2. Before you walk you must first learn how to crawl -  this is one of my favorite idioms and a proven one. It's true that before you could master something you must first learn the most basic first and sometimes the basics are the hardest especially if you have no knowledge about it. but hardships always paved the path to success and strength. The more you endure hardships the stronger and wiser you become.

3. It's all in the head - when things get tough and rough we tend to blame it on the situation. But the fact is it's all in our head. It really depends on how we handle every situation. Choose to become bitter or choose to become better.

4. Success and Happiness can never be bought - because it can only be earned. Do things that makes you happy. Don't give a shit of people doesn't agree with it. If it makes   you happy go for it!

5. Your self is your only loyal support system - In the end you will only have your self to support you. 

6. Stay away from the plastics - We all live in a "Mean Girls" world here. You will find plastics everywhere. In your circle of friends, circles of family or even in churches. lets' just face it. This is the grim reality. 

and here is a rundown of my 2014 accomplishments:

1. Things have developed both in my personal and blogging life.
2. I finally have my passport and get to start travelling next year. so yay for 2015! I have so much to look forward to.
3. My blog have developed although I still have a looong task bucket lists do to make it even better.  
4. I finally forced myself to hit the gym hahaha but I have to be more faithful on this one.
5. I have come to meet and be friends with amazing bloggers from around the world. They are such wonderful and supportive people.  Christine, Launa, Amy, Cassie, Bisma, and Pooja who never gets tired of visiting my blog hahhaa =) thank you so much =)

(be sure to check my next post soon, will be posting about my 2015 new years resolution)

It's hard to incorporate 2014 pictures in one post so I made a video via slide.ly. Here's a recap of my awesome moments in 2014. 

Flashback 2014 by Slidely Slideshow

So keep standing, keep learning, and keep living.

Good bye 2014, I'm ready for you 2015

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Cats and Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating this holiday season not to mention all the foods we get to it. I told myself that I have all the excuse to be a glutton this season, after all Christmas is a time for indulgence and giving our tummies all the good things. But for sure though I am working extra  hard to burn all the calories I am digesting whenever I go to the gym. hahaha

Yesterday, I wore this cute Cat letter print pullover T-shirt and drawstring shorts from www.blackfive.com to our Family Christmas Lunch. The thing I love about this matching set aside from the cat prints is it's very comfortable to wear, not to mention that the shorts is drawstring so,  I could easily adjust the waist whenever my stomach get bloated from eating. 

Black Five is  one of the authorities on global women's fashion clothing, is an online destination for it girls around the world. They sell cutting-edge 'fast fashion' as well as a wide variety of fashion-related items. In a word, BlackFive is all about fashion.

What I'm Wearing:

Matching Set: Black five
Sandals: ZaloraPH
Shades: Oakley
Bag: Von Dutch
Watch: Guess
This Matching set is currently at 45% OFF + FREE SHIPPING Worldwide. So grab yours now HERE and you get a chance to win an iPhone6. Just head over to Black Five to know how to win it. 

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Black and Red - StyleMoi Review

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Hi everyone, after a series of hectic days I finally get to blog another outfit post, although I am a little bit upset since my camera had to make its way to the repair shop a few days ago, so I have to rely on my mobile for outfit shots. But I am way  keyed up to wait for it because I am itching to share with you the recent items I got from the post office, It's something I got from www.stylemoi.nuIf you are into urban dressing, then you should check Stylemoi because they put a unique twist on ready-to-wears. Their outfit styles is a mix of classy and edgy a real spectrum of fashion diversity. And at the same time I am very happy that I can finally wear crop tops ,my 1 month of going to the gym is finally paying off. I have shed some of my belly fats. hahaha

This drape wrap asymmetrical skirt really wows me for it entails real class at the same time still projects a feeling of the avant garde. As I have always said I am always inclined to unusual stuffs and this skirt is one of them. and same goes with the chain bracelet with fun tinkets on it. It look really odd but I love it hahahah, I think it's really fun to wear something out of the ordinary.  what do you think would you wear it too?


Skirt and Bracelet: www.stylemoi.nu

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Infinity Maxi Dress in DRESSember

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The convertible Infinity dress is a wardrobe must have because of its multi- styling. You can create infinity styles with just 1 dress and I say it's a perfect travel outfit for there is no need for you to carry multiple dresses. 

Dress Styles like this enables you to convey your true fashion diva by allowing you to be more creative.  That is why I never had my second thought when I first saw this black and white infinity dress at www.oasap.com and I can't help but feel more excited when I finally receive it from the post office. This infinity dress comes with a very long strap that it enables you to wrap and twist it in a hundred ways. Creativity  will do the trick here.  Another thing I love about this dress is the vertical stripe patterns, it's a big Yay for shorties like me because vertical stripes give the illusion of being taller. It appears to elongate your body.

Style Look # 2

with endless style you can never go wrong with Infinity dress. Wish I could share more styles I've done with this dress But i don't want to bombard you with photos in this post. So Im gonna leave you all with your imaginations or how about buying your own infinity dress at  
www.oasap.com?  it's currently on sale!!! so from $35.50 you can get this dress for only $23.08 product link HERE

And here is a sweet Christmas treat for you ladies.  32% OFF Christmas coupon CTX15(expires on Dec 29th) use the code upon check out =) 


Another thing that I would love to share with you is this on going fund raising to raise awareness and funds to help end human trafficking. So what is this all aboutDressember is a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women. 

Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who've been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women. 

what you need to do?

-Wear a dress for the entire month of December take a quick pic and hash tag #DRESSember
- Don't forget to inform your friends. Let us all help spread this campaign and take a stand for women who have been exploited for their femininity. for more info you can check:

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Hearts and Houndstooth

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Houndstooth is always my choice of pattern, And you may have notice that it's been stealing the spotlight this season. I guess Houndstooth and Winter really goes together. I myself is drawn to this kind of pattern. I've come to find a fondness for details such as abstract or broken checks.  I love the mystifying effect that it renders. I also find Houndstooth to be classy and warm. 

Good thing I've found this High and Low Houndstooth dress from www.oasap.comThe dress features a houndstooth pattern. Round neckline. Sleeveless and Back zipper made from woolen polyester so expect a cozy outfit.  To add more playfullness I pair it with this  heart shape print tights from Oasap as well. The tights featuring patchwork design, heart-shaped printing. Thin top part and thick bottom part and Elastic waistband. Isn't it cute? 


Dress: HERE
Tights: HERE
Usamini: Forever 21

Don't forget Cyber week Binge Shopping at oasap save 85% OFF Sale end. Dec. 7, 2014 

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