Mash Up

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Today’s outfit is a mixture of everything; I do not have a specific theme in mind, I just decided to mash up anything I could find in my closet, and I end up combining style staples from both men and women’s wardrobe.  T-shirt is the most basic clothing you’ll find in a man’s closet, sprinkled it with a touch of lace and stiletto and pooof! You got one ladylike outfit. 
I was always the kind of girl who would love to stare at clouds. It gives me that sense of security and gratitude. Gratitude that I still had a chance to admire it and security knowing that He –God is forever there. I long for that time that I could escape what seems like a forever maze of delusions. I want to sit by the shore and watch the ocean release; its mighty roars as the waves came crashing against rocks of consolation. I want to sit by the lake and watch the sunset as it spreads its beautiful wings over the horizon. I want to run across the lavender fields and I want it to be an inescapable reality.
T-shirt: HERE
Lace short: HERE
Shoes: HERE
Shades: HERE

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Walking Away

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To walk away on something very dear to you is never easy but if you're gonna do it, at least do it with flair. Ok, I am not trying to be hyperbolic here hahaha the truth is that, if you finally took the courage to walk away at least show the world that it won't take its toll on you. Sometimes, losing something is like losing the world. But we must realize that we still have the galaxy and the universe, which is much bigger than the world. Agree? 
I am very  excited to share with yo the second items I got from yep, I am wearing BIT from top to shoes! I have talk about this amazing online shop a few days ago in case you didn't catch that you can check it  HEREI Especially love the sexy bow knot top, It obtained the symmetry between sexiness and modest. It is made from chiffon so you can expect it to be very light on your skin, the quality is very great! the Skinny pants on the other hand is just so right on me. I am always hesitant to purchase pants online for fear that it might not fit on me. But again BIT proved me wrong! and oh! who doesn't love this Rivet pointed toe flats? hahahah I Love everything about this shoes! the color, the texture, the quirky design everything! 
Why Not Show off your back when you away with a sexy bow knot top? Travel with a pointy flats to a path unknown and a distressed jeans To keep you comfy and adventure ready! so, be sure to check out Break Ice Trend!

Product links here:

Bottom HERE
Shoes HERE

 Eveyone can enjoy $5 coupon for first order, code is WELCOME

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The New Little Black Dress + A Giveaway

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While I was raiding my closet for something to wear to work today I realize that most of my clothes consists of LBD or Little Black Dress, you can't blame me LBD is an essential wardrobe, Truly, a style staple, not to mention that you can always rely on it for inevitability on the go's, whether you go to work, going for a casual stroll, or heading for a party. LBD's won't let you down. It's one of the most versatile piece of clothing!. You can wear it with almost anything and still look classy and chic.

Sometimes, when someone says Little Black Dress we have that notion  that it is the 1 piece that is plain bland and boring. Nothing much for eyes to see. But Hey! Did you know that there is this one Online store that could change your perspective towards LBD? Yes, rejoice my lovelies because Style Moi had revolutionized a new concept for Little black dresses.. Brace your self and choose from the latest LBD trends from seductive bodycon, edgy cut-outs to demure lace design.

Are you the edgy type? Then these LBD's is right for you

Are you the Seductive Bombshell type? Then these LBD's is right for you

or do you prefer the Classic Lace LBD?

whatever your choice for LBD has it Style Moi and they are offering FREE shipping worldwide.

And since Christmas is coming reallll soon! Here is another giveaway! Win this sexy LBD. How? Just follow the mechanics below <3

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Good Luck


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That Someday Will Come

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My alarm clock started ringing sending a screaming wake up call in my mind. It was exactly 5:00 AM. Just my typical Saturday morning, it is only on this day that I would wake up as early as 5 it’s because it’s a must for my Saturday morning job.  But you know what? It is only on Saturdays that I could feel that inner serenity, I would always choose the time to walk down the park as branches of big trees started to loom above me as if bending down to reach out to me while I watch strangers doing their morning jog with those deep thoughts look and it makes me wonder what they are cogitating at the moment. Are they really happy? Sad? Having to live with regrets? Or are they having that hope that their someday would soon come? It felt like the world is starting to move at a slower pace and I never felt so alive

You Know I always dislike people who are always fond of telling other people what to do and when that person isn't able to live at the standard that he/she is expected to live then they labeled her/him as Hopeless, Incompetent, Useless and sometimes that person begin to believe that he/she is really like that and that's the start of living a life on lies, bounded by hate and anger. Sometimes I wanted to tell people Like, Hello! You have your own life, why keep on running other people's life for them? 
When your beliefs started to crumble, hey! Remember Walt Disney his way to success was not that easy, nobody believed in his dreams, But he is determined to make the world happy and he believed that his "Someday" would come and well, we all know what happens next. 

So this is what my outfit today is all about. It was inspired by the amazing Walt Disney. Who doesn't love Mickey? He was my favorite childhood Disney character! I'm very thankful to for this Mickey Mouse 2 piece. When I found this from their site I was giddy to wear it. I've always been a neutral dresser, but this time I decided to clash with the color codes by pairing this black and white top and bottom with this striking aqua suede pumps from break ice trends. 

What is Break Ice Trends?  Breakice fashion is a global online retail company that delivers 
products directly tobuyers around the world! it is your reliable online purchasing channel. Numerous selections together with attractivepages giving an enjoyable online shopping experience. Shipping is very fast!    

I am very keen when it comes to Quality, I always believe that one should never sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. But I am very satisfied that Break Ice Trend had exceeded my expectation. The items are all in good quality. The shirt is made of cotton that is very comfortable to wear and same goes with the skirt, it's light texture is very comfy. The shoes on the other hand is neatly packed in a box so you can be sure that you will received it in good condition. 

What I'm Wearing:

Shoes product Link  HERE currently at 62% OFF
Top & Bottom product Link  HERE currently at 48% OFF
Bag: Gift

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Oasap Hoodies Giveaway

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Hello Fashionable ladies Oasap would like to take this opportunity to extend their lifetime gratitude to all of you for the consistent support you gave them all through the years and same goes with me, I cannot thank you guys enough for the all love you have shown by continually visiting my blog and giving me pieces of your thoughts.
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Embracing 30 and the Timeless Principles

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How old are you? The man behind the counter asked me as I was requesting for a pack of cigarette (nope, I don’t smoke, I’m buying it for someone) and with a sigh I told him I’m  30 at the same time showing him my ID. I’m always hesitant whenever people asked me about my age, because it's either they gave me a “Really?” look or they make me realize that well, I’m aging! 

When I celebrated my 30th Birthday last month I was having mixed emotions because I felt like time is running out for me and I mean come on! Your 20’s is the best year and I am saying goodbye to it. The pressures of being 30 are inevitable, there is this reason that you are supposed to be married and having kids.  But the fact is, my life is just starting for me and regrets, just kept pouring in and I only comprehend it now.. Now that I’am 30, I’ve realized so many things that I hadn’t realized before so many what if's and I should have, I guess, and maybe that’s why “Life Begins at 30” so many eye openers, So embracing 30 for me is like embracing reality. 

Here are the timeless principles I learned being 30: 

1. Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. I swear I should have engraved this aphorism in my brain 10 years ago. What I’m trying to say? If you have something you know is going to make you happy, you know is going to give you a way better future, pack up and go for it. Nobody is going to fulfill your dreams for you. Stop slacking around. Time will never wait for you.

2.Work that body out – Yes, when you are 30 you felt really old. I don’t know with other people, but that is how exactly what I feel. Hahaha so, it made me realize that It’s time to get fit and healthy. Nope, I’m not saying you wait when you are 30 and decide to hit the gym. Don’t be like me really putting off the “Get Fit and healthy” task for years. The sooner you start, the better.

3.Live a purposeful life – take time to assess your goals, your dreams and how to achieve it. Segregate the long terms and the short terms. But be realistic and believe in your plans.

4.Get out of the box – you know shit happens sometimes, but you shouldn’t let those failures stagnate you. Stop blaming "The You" and conceal yourself because some people think you are no longer good or that you have no chance of redeeming the chances you have lost. Remember, no one has the power to control “The You” but yourself. So throw away those crutches that  crippled you and get out of the box!

Top: Online bought
Skirt: Rampage
Shoes: Link HERE
Bag: Link HERE
Shades: Link HERE


Hi fellow bloggers I need your help to make my blog better. So please shoot me  some of your opinions and suggestions. What do you think I should do to make this blog more interesting? What topic do you want me to post in here?

Take you so much =)

Love lots


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Cheap Prom Shoes

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Prom day is probably one of the most awaited days in a student’s life. It is the time we’re everything just turned so magical. Girls turned into pretty dashing princesses with those beautiful dresses and where guys turned into a handsome prince.

I remember my first prom way back in High school, me and my best friends are so busy and keyed up picking the best prom dress and prom shoes. We would spend weeks and days searching stores for that perfect prom outfit. You see, during those times online selling hasn't evolved yet. We would  tire ourselves down the core searching.  Well, today's generation is lucky, now that online selling has intensely grown, they can look for the perfect prom shoes at the convenience of their own homes. 

TB Dress wanted to offer their buyers that convenience. That's why they have created their wherein you'll find amazing collections.

 So to give you a sneak peak of this collections do check it here:
Where you can find adorable cheap prom shoes, silver prom shoes, you name it they have it.  

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