Cichic Giveaway Win $50 Gift Card

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Howdy, another pretty giveaway for you my lovely readers. Today's giveaway is Courtesy of Cichic and if you are my avid reader then you have seen my review about this store but if not here is the LINk.

Starting today 1 lucky winner will get the chance to win $50 gift card that she can use to buy anything from Cichic. You can check their site to see their amazing collections. Honestly, I am very excited to share this giveaway with you.. =)

How To Join: simply join via the Raffle copter below: This giveaway will end on July 11, 2014. Winner will be announces via my Facebook page.

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Leave the following in the comment box:

1. Registered email on Cichic
2. Facebook link

P.S Don't forget to join my HiCustom giveaway HERE

Thank you and GOODLUCK =)

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$150 GIVEAWAY with Hicustom

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Hi Everyone I am so excited to bring you this giveaway from
 HiCustom 3 lucky winners will get a chance to win $50 coupon each! and you can use that to shop any commodity from their shop. 

HiCustom is your cheap T-shirts shop and funny custom website. Here you'll find custom products, T-shirts, hoodies, mugs Phone cases and many more. The thing is you get to create beautiful ideas and they made it for you. Isn't it cool to wear your own design? 

Now you'll have that chance to wear your own design simply join this giveaway using the raffle copter below. Giveaway Will end on July 10, 2014 Winners will be picked randomly by HiCustom

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you and Goodluck =)

Don't Forget to leave your email on the comment box below =)

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Bird Print Dress

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love the simplicity in a tunic dress; the truth is I would rather go for this type of dresses than those of tight body hugging clothes, having a curvature in the spine, wearing tight clothes makes me ill at ease. Finding this Bird Print Tunic Dress from is pure bliss, Just look how those colorful birds make a simple tunic dress eye catching. 

This is my first item from Cichic and I must say that in terms of quality I am satisfied. This online clothing company from China offers a complete line of the latest fashion clothes, And they also offers FREE SHIPPING Worldwide and they also have detailed descriptions on sizes/measurements so be sure to always check the sizing details and have your body measured first before making any orders to avoid further conflicts.

What do you think of this dress? it is a Yay or Nay? =)

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Think Pink Horse

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If Taylor Swift has her white horse then I got my pink horse too.. Only in the form of this Horse Print drawstring short from
 OASAP this is actually the second drawstring short I got from Oasap the first one was a cat print which I already featured in the blog before.

The honest truth is that I can't get enough of this drawstring short because aside from the fact that it's very cheap ($9.90) it's very comfy to wear not to mention it's cute and it comes in different candy colors. 

The Semi-Sheer Cami Top from Oasap is a thumbs up to, for the price of $5.90 you can pair it with this horse print short and you can have your look for less =)

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Mod Heart

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I swore I would have been born in the 60’s era. My love for the Mod is unexplainable.  I always find the 60’s fashion as mesmerizing. Besides, it’s that decade in the history where fashion breaks into a new evolution. The 60’s fashion mirrored a new image of an independent woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

And speaking of independent women OASAP is one clothing company who empowers women through fashion. Their styles have always brought new fashion twists, but at the same time allow women to have a glimpse of the past. Just like this Heart Print Playsuit I may be living in Gen Y but still I could feel like I've been in the 60's era. How Cute is this playsuit?

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A Sweet Escape

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Hi Everyone Happy Monday, this post is a little bit late than I expected it to publish but I caught a fever reason that I wasn't able to do some blogging.  But Now that I feel a little better I can’t wait to share with you my recent happy travel to Guimaras Island last June 5.
I always love to travel, but with work and other vital things to do, I hardly had time for a trip, but last Thursday I had a day off from work to venture on an Island hopping escapade. The Philippines is blessed with so many beautiful beaches and one of it is Guimaras Island. It's just a 15-20 minutes ferry boat trip from where I live. Guimaras Island offers a cluster of beautiful beaches and resorts you can do some Island hopping to see more of the beautiful Island. Here are some of the photos I took during the trip. 

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Cheap Quinceanera Dress

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Quinceanera is a traditional 15th birthday celebration in some Hispanic countries. Usually it is celebrated with grand parties and comes with this celebration is the Quinceanera ball gown. TB Dress an online store that provides hundreds of dedicated dresses for global buyers from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia–totaling to over 230 countries worldwide and In addition they offer custom made items, which may it more suitable for any buyers now brings you their
collections that would definitely make your eyes pop.Don't believe me? then check out some of the dresses I've picked below.

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I’m in my playful mood again, but because I get enthused with Japanese Fashion again, Thanks to my cousin who recently arrived home from Japan and fetched me another copy of my favorite Japanese fashion magazine Jelly  and she also got me different sets of lace socks. 

It’s never a secret that Japanese fashion is really playful, interesting and fashionable, that is why I never grew tired of scanning the pages over and over again. Their styles are truly worth imitating. 

The top is also a gift from another cousin residing in Thailand. I love the bow details and it's perfect touch for a kawaii look.

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